Berisha: The killer of women, Dan Hutra gathered votes for Rakip Suli

12:37 26/05/2023

At the weekly conference with journalists, the chief democrat Sali Berisha has made public a message that came to him from a citizen in Kamëz.

Based on this message that came to him from a citizen, whose identity he does not disclose, Berish says that referring to him, Dan Hutra collected votes for Rakip Suli, the candidate elected to the head of the Kamëz Municipality.

Among other things, Berisha quotes the message he received, in which, among other things, he was told that a street in Kamze would be named after Dan Hutra.

Berisha reads the message where he is told that after killing 3 women and injuring 3 others in Tirana on March 1, 2023, Rakip Suli has disappeared Dan Hutra’s file.

Sali Berisha: These were unprecedented specifications, except for two or three in certain cases, in the history of elections in Albania. I, in the wake of denouncing the terrible electoral farce of May 14, will bring you a case here. I will bring you the message of a citizen from Kamza: Mr. Berisha, I will inform you of a criminal fact of the electoral massacre in Kamza. The notorious killer of women, Dan Hutra, was employed at the Kamza waterworks in exchange for collecting votes for Rrakip Suli.

The murderer of women stole apartments at night, while during the day he stole votes and threatened the democrats not to vote. After the massacre against women, Rakip Suli has disappeared Dan Hutra’s file. There is evidence and facts that Dan Hutra led one of the main gangs of gathering votes for Rakip Suli. In the Municipal Council of Kamze, there was a proposal to put Dan Hutra’s name on a street in Kamze. The proposal quickly disappeared from the gang of the Municipality of Kamza. Rakip Suli had donated Dan Hutra to the palaces that Arben Maloku is building, who has made a massacre with the votes of Zall Herri.

Dan Hutra appeared as a patron of the SP, the head of a cocaine group in the Netherlands. He had started to launder money in construction. Today it controls drug and vote trafficking from prison. The only prisoner who spends up to 5 million ALL per month. Practically, Dan Hutra is the director of Rilindja prison. I inform you that in other meetings, there will be other facts, deeply shocking, that prove manipulation on an unimaginable scale of the electoral process./broread