Rama in Moldova and Slovakia for the European Political Community

14:36 ​​26/05/2023

Albanian Prime Minister for the European Political Community

The Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama is expected to start next week a diplomatic tour in support of concretizing the idea for the European Political Community. First, on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Slovak capital, Bratislava, and then in the Moldovan one, Chisinau, together with the French president, Macron will present his ideas for the future of Europe.

It is expected that the year 2030 will be set as the final deadline for Albania and other Western Balkan countries to become full members of the EU. The second summit of this initiative undertaken by the French president will be held in Moldova after the one held in the Czech capital, Prague.

On this occasion, 47 heads of state and government from the Old Continent will meet in the capital of Moldova. Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, as well as the states from the Western Balkans, are likely to enter the European Union at the end of this decade. Russian aggression against Ukraine has accelerated these developments.

Brussels has suggested allowing Western Balkan countries to negotiate their way to the EU piecemeal, enabling them to gain, through visible reforms, shared access to European markets and institutions.

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