Recounting of votes in Rrogozhin – Tv Klan

16:59 31/05/2023

The boxes will be opened on June 5 at the request of two KAS members

Although it overturned the request of the Berisha-Meta coalition to declare the election results in Rrogozhin invalid, the Appeals and Sanctions Commission will recount the votes.

This request was made by two members, Ledio Braho and Elvis Cefa, to open the boxes on June 5. The prison box, which overturned the result, will also be re-evaluated.

In Rrogozhin, the socialist candidate, Edison Memolla, was declared the winner with a vote difference of only 30 votes against the candidate of the “Together We Win” coalition.

Meanwhile, the number of invalid votes in this electoral district in the vote for mayor is 276 votes.

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