PM Srettha affirms Thailand’s commitments toward SDG attainment

BANGKOK: Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin pledged towards the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to uplift the livelihood and well-being of people at the SDG Summit 2023 in New York.

Specifically, he said, Thailand’s pledges towards SDG attainment which include leaving no one behind, promoting and protecting human rights, and driving forward cooperation in support of climate action, will all directly uplift the livelihood and well-being of the people.

“Thailand would commit to delivering on the pledges. The country is doing its part to accelerate SDG attainment.

“Collectively, through effective multilateralism, a legacy of sustainability will be left behind for global posterity,” he said.

To promote the right to health, he added that Thailand will adopt measures to ensure that the number of households facing health impoverishment is minimized to below 0.25 per cent by 2027.

“Thailand also pledged to foster cooperation and partnerships at all levels in support of climate action, including ensuring access to affordable modern energy services for all by 2030,” he added.

Srettha delivered a statement at the Leaders’ Dialogue of the SDG Summit 2023, on “Mobilizing finance and investments and the means of implementation for SDG achievement” at the Trusteeship Council Chamber, UN Headquarters on Tuesday.

It is his first address to the United Nations at the SDG Summit after recently assuming office on Aug 22.

Srettha affirmed the government’s priority to attain the Sustainable Development Goals, as key to Thailand’s sustainable future.

“UN has announced that this decade be the “Decade of Action”.

“Political will must go hand in hand with international solidarity. Effective multilateralism and a strong multilateral architecture need to be fostered, which will allow the global community to tackle these challenges and accelerate SDG implementation,” he said.

Srettha who is also the finance minister said it is also crucial that the international community address the SDG financing gap, scale up SDG investment, find innovative sources of finance, and level the playing field regarding international financial architecture.

He said Thailand supports the Secretary-General’s call for the reform of this architecture, and his SDG Stimulus of US$ 500 billion a year until 2030.

At the national level, Srettha said Thailand has issued two sets of sustainability bonds which raised US$ 12.5 billion in green and social investments, and launched the Thailand Green Taxonomy as a reference tool for economic activities deemed as environmentally sustainable.

He said more than 100 companies in Thailand that make up the Global Compact Network Thailand (GCNT) have pledged to invest US$43 billion in SDG-related projects by 2030.

“What is needed with great urgency is a more people-centered and planet-centric development. With the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP), Thailand’s own development approach, and the Bio-Circular-Green Economy Model (BCG), this transformative approach will help strike a balance among the economic, social, and environmental goals of the SDGs,” he said.-Bernama

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