“Save Press 4 Gaza” voices Malaysia’s solidarity with media practitioners in Gaza

KUALA LUMPUR: More than 100 media practitioners gathered at Dataran Merdeka here today to voice their solidarity with fellow practitioners who are putting their lives on the line to cover the news in Palestine’s besieged Gaza.

Save Press 4 Gaza (SP4G) representative, Sairien Nafis said the Malaysian media practitioners from 26 associations and agencies were present to fully support and lift the spirit of the correspondents in Gaza to continue their coverage and spread the truth to the world.

“We are here to unanimously condemn the cruel actions perpetrated by the Zionist regime against the media practitioners and their families in Gaza, as well as on all the innocent children and people of Palestine,” he told reporters.

He said the group urges media practitioners worldwide to raise their objections against the Zionist regime’s violence and show their support so that the sacrifices of reporters in the field are not in vain.

“We also call for the Western media to present true and accurate news on the massacre of the Palestinian people by Israel. Our job is to spread truth, not lies and propaganda,” he said.

He praised citizens of the world who acted as the eyes and mouthpiece of the media in Gaza, who have been sharing posts on social media, and showing their solidarity in calling for an immediate ceasefire and making those responsible for the atrocities face justice in the International Criminal Court.

“We hope our voices will reach the media practitioners in Gaza and around the world so that we can fight together against the current tyranny and genocide in Palestine,” he said.

So far, more than 40 media practitioners, the majority of whom were Palestinian journalists, have died in the latest Israel-Palestine conflict. – Bernama

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