Visiting Cologne and discovering the story behind 4711, the world’s most famous eau de Cologne

Fragrant: The city’s cathedral by the Rhine For me, Cologne has always been the most fragrant of cities – whether it’s the spicy clouds of incense billowing out of its riverside cathedral, the wafts of salt-crusted pretzels on Schildergasse or Asprey’s Purple Water, courtesy of the toiletries at my favourite hotel – the Excelsior Hotel … Read more

Great lakes escape: Try a wild swim in breathtaking British waters, from the Lake District to Wales

I have made it my life’s mission to search out the most perfect lakes to swim in – and Britain is blessed with remote and bracing bodies of water that cry out to be enjoyed.  From Lake District classics to distant Welsh wonders and bracing lochs in Scotland’s wildest places, these are our greatest lakes … Read more

Thirsty for income? Find a cash oasis in the dividend desert

Obtaining a nice, safe income stream used to be one of the main reasons for becoming an equity investor. But not any longer. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, company dividend payments have dried up.  The latest dividend report from Link Group, which monitors payouts from UK companies, indicates that dividends for the second quarter of … Read more

The best summer deals from the UK to Europe – with flights from £44 return

Europe has suffered as tourism vanished during lockdown. Now it’s back — and so are some incredible bargains, as airlines struggle to fill seats.  Year-on-year fares in August are as much as 81 per cent off. Here’s our guide to some of the best deals… ROME FOR £51 RETURN Bargain: Ryanair return fares from Stansted to … Read more

We’ll build a Boohoo factory in Leicester to end storm over pay, says boss

Boohoo boss John Lyttle insists he is not embarking on a personal crusade – but it might be heading that way, whether he likes it or not.  Tomorrow, the online fashion firm’s chief executive will visit Leicester amid a storm of negative publicity over allegations that workers in the company’s Midlands supply chain were being … Read more

From easyJet to Easy Power: Stelios moves into green energy

From easyJet to Easy Power: Airline pioneer Stelios in talks to turn household rubbish into energy  Easy Power International was set up last month by a group of businessmen  Stelios Haji-Ioannou is in talks about licensing his ‘easy’ brand to the company Easy Power turns household rubbish into ‘clean’ power By Ben Harrington For The Mail … Read more