Emmy Awards 2020: Hugh Jackman and Cate Blanchett lead Australian nominations

Emmy Awards 2020: Hugh Jackman and Cate Blanchett lead the Australian nominations alongside Toni Collette and Sarah Snook By Candice Jackson For Daily Mail Australia Published: 22:57 BST, 28 July 2020 | Updated: 23:13 BST, 28 July 2020  The Emmy Award nominations for 2020 have been released. And several Australian stars have received acting nods … Read more

Pessimists die two years earlier on average – but being overtly optimistic doesn’t improve longevity

Pessimists die two years earlier than the average person – but being an optimist does not lead to a longer life, study finds Researchers compared more than 3,000 people and their scores on optimism-pessimism scales People with higher pessimistic scores were more likely to die two years earlier from issues such as cardiovascular disease Higher … Read more

Cleaning expert Ashley Iredale says rinsing dishes before the dishwasher leaves them dirtier

Cleaning expert reveals why you SHOULDN’T rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher – and they’re likely to be dirtier if you do A cleaning expert has claimed dishes shouldn’t be rinsed before the dishwasher CHOICE’s Ashley Iredale says doing so could leave you with dirtier plates That’s because rinsing tricks dishwasher sensors into … Read more

Buy-to-let is thrown a lifeline by coronavirus

Buy-to-let was one of Britain’s best-loved investments before crippling tax blows caused many landlords to lose interest. But now buy-to-let has been thrown a lifeline. Slashed stamp duty, better mortgage deals and new tax benefits all mean landlords are flocking back to the market.  However, with unemployment predicted to soar to four million by the … Read more

Your summer holiday guide through a sea of confusion

There have been mixed messages, inconsistencies and confusion over holidays abroad this summer.  Not any more. Despite the likelihood of thousands of holidaymakers having their travel plans ruined, the Prime Minister is, to borrow a phrase from one of his predecessors, ‘not for turning’.  ‘Let’s be absolutely clear about what’s happening in Europe, amongst some of … Read more