Rama meets President Aliyev – Tv Klan

09:46 08/12/2022 Balluku: The gasification project starts from Korça The projects between Albania and Azerbaijan are on the right track. This was emphasized in the meeting that Prime Minister Edi Rama had with Azeri President Ilham Aliyev in Baku. “My impression of the progress of the works is exceptional. It is very important to open … Read more

USA wishes Youth Day

09:36 08/12/2022 “We stand side by side with the Albanian people” A congratulation on the occasion of Youth Day was also conveyed by the American embassy in Tirana. In a message published on social networks, the embassy states that the United States of America honors the courage of those students who demanded political changes and … Read more

Begaj: December 8 remains the aspiration of a nation to make Albania like all of Europe

09:12 08/12/2022 The President of the country, Bajram Begaj, has commemorated the students of December 1990. Through a post on Facebook, President Begaj writes that December 8 is celebrated as “National Youth Day”, thus expressing gratitude to the students and young people of that time. President Begaj adds that December 8 is the dream of … Read more

Businesswoman is ruthlessly mocked for sharing ‘insane’ work schedule

‘I do 10,000x more than this… and I’m unemployed!’ Businesswoman, 30, who runs $200M company portfolio is ruthlessly mocked for sharing ‘insane’ work schedule (which includes mani-pedis, workouts and ‘walk breaks’) Leila Hormozi shared her routine online and bragged how it made her successful The 30-year-old blocks out time to eat with her husband as … Read more

AOC is under investigation in Congress by the House Ethics Committee

The House Ethics Committee is investigating New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  On Wednesday, the committee released a brief statement saying a probe into the high-profile progressive was being extended, but didn’t delve into details about what it was regarding.  It comes more than a year after a number of conservative groups asked the committee to look … Read more

Margariti: Rama’s idea for the performance in “Family Photo”

20:52 07/12/2022 Minister: We wanted to summarize our traditions in 13 minutes Besides the important agreements that were signed at the EU-Western Balkans Summit, what caught the eye of the international media was the different performance during the “family photo”. The Minister of Culture, Elva Margariti, showed whose idea it was for the 13-minute traditional … Read more

Earth hit by ‘gamma-ray burst’ blast of radiation from neutron stars collision that created kilanova

Earth hit by strange ‘gamma-ray burst’ blast of high-energy radiation from the collision of two neutron stars that changes scientists’ understanding of how these cosmic explosions happen Scientists detected a gamma-ray burst that changes their understanding of how these cosmic explosions happen  It was believed that GRBs only resulted from the destruction of huge stars, … Read more

Charlotte Church details how plan to have a holistic forest birth was derailed by rain and golfers

‘I laboured overnight amongst the trees’: Charlotte Church details how her plan to have a holistic forest birth was derailed by rain and loud golfers By Milly Veitch For Mailonline Published: 14:56 GMT, 7 December 2022 | Updated: 15:36 GMT, 7 December 2022 Charlotte Church has detailed the birth of her third child and how … Read more