The UK’s best secret beaches from Cornwall to Scotland

Are these Britain’s best secret beaches? Amazing but off-the-radar sandy spots from Cornwall to Scotland Researchers looked for beautiful British beaches that offer peaceful and secluded coastal experiences   They did this by searching for sandy spots across the country that have low numbers of Instagram hashtags  Beaches on the list include a cove on the … Read more

German scientists are hosting a 4,000-person indoor concert to study how coronavirus spreads

German scientists to host a 4,000-person indoor concert to study how coronavirus spreads by tracking the movements of fans and coating their hands in glowing sanitizer in an effort to learn how to hold safe events Scientists at Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg are recruiting 4,000 to attend a Tim Bendzko concert at a stadium … Read more

Man nearly died when heart surgery delayed due to coronavirus

A grandfather was a ‘ticking time bomb’ after he had to delay his heart surgery due to the coronavirus pandemic and nearly died from it. Jeff Street, 59, from Pocatello, Idaho, was born with a congenital condition that affects the way blood flows from the heart. After the largest blood vessel in his heart became severely … Read more

Coronavirus: AstraZeneca offers vaccines to US at no profit

AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson promised to offer their coronavirus vaccines to the US at cost during testimony before a Congressional committee on Tuesday. UK-based Astrazeneca also said that it would ramp up production of its prospective vaccine – created with Oxford University – to ensure that 300 million doses are available to the US … Read more

Scientists to explore a 425-foot underwater sinkhole off Florida

Scientists are gearing up to explore a mysterious 425-foot underwater sinkhole off the coast of Florida called the ‘Green Banana’ An expedition will get underway next month to explore the ‘blue hole’ The ‘Green Banana’ extends for 425 feet beneath the ocean floor Contents of sinkholes like ‘Green Banana’ are still mysterious  Other underwater sinkholes … Read more

South Korea self-isolation app security flaws exposed user data

South Korea’s self-isolation app that monitors people in quarantine contained a serious security flaw that would allow hackers to access names and locations of users South Korea’s quarantine app contained multiple serious security flaws  It left personal data like name, real-time location, and phone number vulnerable The flaw has reportedly been fixed and there are … Read more

Coronavirus US: Black and Hispanic patients’ lung damage worse

Black and Hispanic coronavirus patients had lung damage that was 1.5 times worse than the infection’s attacks on white Americans, X-rays reveal Researchers looked at chest X-rays of 326 patients hospitalized with coronavirus between March 27 and April 10 Patients were given mRALE scores based on how severely the disease had impacted their lungs White patients … Read more