Dip in atmospheric CO2 200million years ago helped dinosaurs migrate from South America to Greenland

Sauropod dinosaurs emerged in South America some 230 million years ago, but despite living during the supercontinent Pangea it took them 15 million years to reach Greenland – when it should have taken 20 years. A team from Colombia University suggests a ‘climatic phenomenon’ may have allowed the enormous creatures to finally make the journey. … Read more

Roman Abramovich’s British property empire worth £200MILLION is revealed

Roman Abramovich’s British property empire is worth more than £200million and includes a 15-bedroom London mansion as pressure grows to freeze his UK assets. The Russian billionaire, 54, reportedly boasts a British property empire that includes a 15-bedroom mansion in Kensington Palace Gardens that is believed to be now worth £125 million.   Russia‘s most prominent opposition … Read more

TOM UTLEY: The only comfort from forgetting all my passwords – they don’t hold a key to £200million

From time to time on this page, I like to suggest modern contenders for the Kingsley Amis Prize, which I award every so often to the phrase I currently judge to be the most depressing in the English language. Set up in memory of the late whisky-loving novelist, it celebrates Amis’s famous declaration that the … Read more

Are No10’s 200million new Covid tests REALLY going to get us back to normal life?

There’s ‘absolutely no chance’ the Government’s new 15-minute coronavirus tests are accurate enough to get life back to normal, a leading expert warned today. It emerged last night ministers are set to buy up to 200million of the £5 kits, which are made by US company Innova and give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ result in … Read more

Car drivers face £200million electric scooter crash bill

Car drivers face £200million electric scooter crash bill as they are set to pay higher insurance premiums, warn industry chiefs The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) has paid out more than £100 million so far But it estimates bill will balloon to between £200 million and £2 billion a year This could lead to a £50 … Read more

Now a £200million superyacht joins the staycation crowds in Cornwall

Falmouth Harbour turned into a superyacht playground today as Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s luxury vessel and a ‘floating palace’ that ‘belongs to the Qatari royal family’ joined hundreds of thousands of staycationers in Cornwall. The billionaire financier’s £91million, 243ft expedition ship was dwarfed by the Emir’s £200million, 410ft monster as they docked near the 644ft cruise liner … Read more