DP: The People’s Advocate blames the police for the death of Lear Kurti

14:13 19/01/2023 Garo: Ardi Vleiu and Bledi Çuçi manipulated the evidence to hide the truth of the 32-year-old’s death The Democratic Party says that through a report, the Ombudsman blames the State Police for not reacting in time for the death of 32-year-old Lear Kurt a few months ago. The DP spokesperson, Floriana Garo, said … Read more

Alibeaj makes public the 2 names that the group headed by him proposes as candidates for the People’s Advocate

11:56 26/10/2022 In a statement to the media, Enkelejd Alibeaj presented the 2 names of the candidates that the deputies of the group led by him propose for the office of the People’s Advocate. “At the end of the process that has lasted, the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party unanimously managed to have and … Read more

Balla: The election of the People’s Advocate should not be a political issue

12:12 17/10/2022 In a statement to the media, Taulant Balla expressed his regret that the PD parliamentary group has not yet clarified a clear position of candidacy for the People’s Advocate. “It is a great regret that we have violated several constitutional deadlines and remember how the opposition shouted when there were delays in filling … Read more

Lord Advocate says claims of interference in Salmond probe ‘wholly without foundation’

The Scottish Lord Advocate today dismissed claims of interference in the Alex Salmond probe as ‘wholly without foundation’. Giving evidence to a Holyrood committee, James Wolffe QC said he had recused himself from key decisions over the probe into handling of allegations against the former First Minister. And he flatly rejected that idea that the … Read more