Alibeaj: Rama, Berisha and Meta are afraid of justice

13:42 26/04/2023 “After the victory on May 14, the main goal is the reorganization of the DP” Investments in infrastructure, sewerage and water supply is the promise of the PD candidate for Këlcyra Adriatik Spahiu. In his presentation, the commanding chairman of DP, Enkelekd Alibeaj, asked for the support of the democrats on May 14, … Read more

Berisha: Rama will go to the Parliament in a month, but he is afraid and terrified of our presence

13:46 15/02/2023 The Democratic Party gathered the parliamentary group today. At the beginning of the meeting, the chief democrat Berisha spoke, who emphasized the “McGonigal” investigative file, for which he says he is in prison, while also adding that the prime minister “Edi Rama belongs in prison” because, according to him, he threatened security of … Read more

Bardhi: Rama should not hide behind the minister’s dress; Spiropali: Why are you afraid of women?

11:54 02/02/2023 The opposition demands that Prime Minister Edi Rama go to Parliament to interpellate with Democratic MP Gazment Bardhi on the “McGonigal” issue. But Rama, in his absence, has delegated Minister Elisa Spiropali to conduct the interpellation. Meanwhile, deputy Bardhi requests that the interview be held with the Prime Minister and not with Spiropali. … Read more

December 6 protest, Berisha: Rama is afraid that the protesters will condemn him in front of Europe

21:52 04/12/2022 For Sali Berisha, the protest of December 6 is vital to raise one’s voice before Europe and the world. “I was in the campaign, I am in the campaign. We have been in protest, we will be in protest. This has been a year that has been campaigned more than ever. Campaigns and … Read more

Energy situation, Berisha: Rama is afraid to be here, he cannot hide behind Balluk

13:35 20/10/2022 In today’s session in the Assembly, there was a debate about the energy situation. The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, during his speech in the pulpit, said that the Prime Minister is afraid of being in the parliament and being confronted. He said that the head of the government is hiding … Read more

Covid US: Just 35% afraid of catching infection as survey shows fear at all-time low

Fears of catching COVID-19 have fallen to an all-time low with just 35 percent of Americans now very or somewhat worried about contracting the virus as the vaccine rollout continues to ramp up nationwide. New data from Gallup shows just over a third of people were still fearful in March, down from a record high … Read more

People with higher incomes are ‘prouder, more confident and less afraid’, study says

People with higher incomes are ‘prouder, more confident and less afraid’, according to ‘the most comprehensive analysis to date’. Researchers in the US and Singapore analysed income data and questionnaire results of 1.6 million people in 162 countries, including the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France and Japan. Higher income predicted whether people felt … Read more

Moment Polish woman says she is ‘afraid’ of ‘violent’ Lithuanian suspect

A Polish woman found stuffed inside a suitcase in London was ‘afraid’ of the Lithuanian boyfriend now being hunted by British police in Europe after her murder, an extraordinary video unearthed by MailOnline reveals today. Joanna Borucka, 41, was found dead at Pay And Sleep in Southall, west London, on Friday December 18 after staff reported … Read more

PETER HITCHENS: I am, for the first time, afraid for the future of freedom in my country 

What if the days did not, after all, start to grow longer after Christmas? Well, yes, of course they will (won’t they?) but I feel a dark, oppressive foreboding which makes spring seem very far away. Why is this? I sense that I and some others have now become the targets of a worrying wave … Read more

Expert reveals why women shouldn’t be afraid to seem ‘difficult’ and speak their minds

A British public speaking expert has revealed the six phrases anyone can use to regain control of a conversation after being interrupted.   Patricia Seabright shares her expertise in a new book She Said! A Guide For Millennial Women to Speaking and Being Heard and explains women especially should not be afraid of speaking up, even if … Read more