New wages/ Rama: The fruit of the joint work of every Albanian who contributes to the country’s economy

10:11 10/04/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama has declared that the new salaries are the fruit of the joint work of every Albanian man or woman who, in the state or in the private sector, contributes to the country’s economy with his work. Through a post on Facebook, Prime Minister Rama says that the increase in … Read more

Rama for the arrest of the Albanian in Britain: How would Sunak react? Persecutors must be held accountable

14:24 01/04/2023 The publication in the media of the case of an Albanian in Great Britain who was held for 15 hours in a cell after the officers confused mountain tea with marijuana did not pass without the comment of Prime Minister Rama. Through a post on social networks, the head of the government calls … Read more

Kurti meets the heads of the Albanian state: Kosovo, determined to implement the European Plan

13:16 26/03/2023 The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, is in Tirana where he has met all the Albanian heads of state. Kurti met with Prime Minister Rama at government villa 30. They had a working lunch, which lasted two hours, and after the end there was no press statement. The Prime Minister of Kosovo … Read more

Berisha congratulates the Independence of Kosovo: It makes every Albanian proud to humble ourselves before the sacrifice of the freedom fighters

12:18 17/02/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has congratulated the Independence of Kosovo on its 15th anniversary. In a long post on Facebook, Chief Democrat Berisha stated that Albanians everywhere in the world celebrate the Independence of Kosovo as the second biggest day of their freedom after the Independence of Albania. The … Read more

Berisha: Confrontation to expel this rot from the Albanian political scene

19:36 30/01/2023 Chief Democrat Sali Berisha was in Vora this Monday, where he participated in a ceremony to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the establishment of the Democratic Party branch there. He said that the mission of the democrats is vital and only the confrontation can “drive this rot from the stage of Albanian politics”. … Read more

The arrest of McGonigal, Gjiknuri: American justice has clarified the case, there is no evidence of the involvement of the Albanian authorities

10:48 25/01/2023 Gjiknuri: Berisha connects every world event with Rama and Russia The General Secretary of the Socialist Party, Damian Gjinkuri, also spoke at today’s press conference about the arrest of former senior FBI official Charles McGonigal. Asked about the news circulating that he has connections with Albania, Gjiknuri said that it is a case … Read more

Rama, 3 hours with the heads of the Albanian parties of the RMV

23:43 10/01/2023 Integration processes and constitutional changes are discussed For more than 180 minutes in the government villa 30, the Prime Minister talked at an informal dinner with the representatives of the 4 Albanian parties in North Macedonia. Ali Ahmeti and Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi from DUI, Menduh Thaçi from PDSH, Arben Taravari from … Read more

Rama hosts the heads of the Albanian parties of North Macedonia

20:02 10/01/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama has called today in Tirana a meeting of all the heads of the political parties of North Macedonia. Question: Have all the political parties of North Macedonia responded positively to Mr. Rama’s invitation? Journalist Elja Zotka: No, the five Albanian political forces in North Macedonia have not responded to … Read more

Rama: The British Prime Minister expressed his regret to me, the Albanian community has been placed in a wrong light

18:36 13/12/2022 After the meeting with the leaders of the districts, Prime Minister Rama stated that an agreement has been reached with British Prime Minister Sunak for Albanian immigrants. During his speech to journalists, Prime Minister Rama said that “Albanian crime” does not exist because crime has no ethnicity. Rama said that what was reached … Read more

Tensions in the north, Rama: Kosovo has all the support of the Albanian government

11:52 12/12/2022 While participating in the presentation of the project of the new commercial port of Durrës in Porto Romano, Prime Minister Edi Rama commented on the situation in the north of Kosovo. He said that the Kosovo government has all the solidarity, understanding and support of the Albanian government. “First, I would like to … Read more