Berisha: The departure of the Albanians, Rama’s most macabre project

19:23 09/05/2023 The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, continued with the electoral meetings. This Tuesday he was in Pogradec. Berisha accused the government and said that the departure of Albanians is the most macabre project of Prime Minister Edi Rama. “The removal of Albanians from Albania is his most macabre project. I guarantee you … Read more

Berisha: Rama nailed the salaries, but the prices increased and the Albanians leave every day

20:31 01/05/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, held an electoral meeting in Paskuqan this afternoon, together with the candidate of the coalition “We win together” for the Kamze Municipality, Arjan Hoxha. During his speech, the chief democrat Berisha accused Prime Minister Rama because, according to him, he nailed the salaries, but the … Read more

Bejko: Albanians should give up the past

20:31 04/30/2023 “Democrats should not take the vote to Meta” The candidate of the Democratic Party for the Municipality of Tirana, Roland Bejko, called on the citizens to commit to leaving the past behind. For Bejko, the Rama-Berisha-Meta trio have taken the breath of Tirana. According to Bejko, the PD now needs strong voices that … Read more

Berisha from Lushnja: 1 million Albanians fled in 8 years, on May 14 the change is decided

19:58 28/04/2023 Sali Berisha presents the candidate of ‘Bashke Fitomje’ in Lushnje, Eduart Sharka Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha was this afternoon in the city of Lushnje, where he met with the citizens and supporters of the Democratic Party. Berisha presented there the candidate of the ‘Bashke Fitomje’ coalition for the May 14 elections, Eduart … Read more

Bejko: 70% of Albanians reject the corrupt political class

20:18 20/04/2023 Bejko: Let’s punish Veliaj, Berisha and Meta with a vote Convinced of the May 14 victory, Roland Bejko, during a meeting he held with the candidates for the Municipal Council, said that the polls speak in favor of the victory of the Democratic Party, headed by Enkelejd Alibeaj. “Because, according to all surveys, … Read more

Berisha: Albanians with the lowest salaries in the Balkans

14:06 08/04/2023 PD President: Wages did not increase, Rama doubled taxes and halved businesses Albanians are the most underpaid citizens in the Balkans, according to the leader of the DP, Sali Berisha. From Durrës, where he presented the candidate of the “We win together” coalition for the municipality of this city, Igli Cara, Berisha said … Read more

Vucic: I believe in future friendship between Albanians and Serbs. Rama: Kosovo, one more reason to talk

19:14 02/04/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and North Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski met in Italy, where the wine fair also takes place, where they discussed the progress of the “Open Balkans”. Asked by journalists about the relationship between Kosovo and Serbia, the Serbian President stated that he is working to … Read more

The data of Albanians convicted in the world in an electronic register, the government approves the decision

18:28 29/03/2023 The Council of Ministers approved this Wednesday the register with the data of Albanian convicts in the world. According to the decision published on the official website of Prime Ministerthis register is a state database, through which information organized and stored in electronic form is collected for every final criminal decision, issued by … Read more

MEPJ: No information about Albanians involved in the tragic accident in Greece

09:55 01/03/2023 The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs announced on Wednesday morning that so far there is no information about Albanians among the victims or injured as a result of the tragic railway accident in Tempi. The Foreign Ministry informed that it is in constant communication with the embassy in Athens and the Consulate … Read more