Resignation of Alibeaj/ Alimehmeti: Normal after the dramatic defeat that led the DP to the fourth force in Tirana

18:12 17/05/2023 Ilir Alimehmeti of the “Together We Win” coalition says that Enkelejd Alibeaj’s decision to resign as the commanding chairman of the Democratic Party is natural after a dramatic defeat, as he adds that it was normal, since, as the PD emphasizes, there was strength fourth in the May 14 elections in Tirana. Invited … Read more

Alibeaj: We will establish a modern DP

20:29 06/05/2023 “Berisha and Meta have as their goal the assimilation of DP” Enkelejd Alibeaj says that the creation of a modern DP that distances itself from the corrupt past is the goal of the democrats. In the meeting with the party structures in Mat, Alibeaj blamed Berisha for the failure to appear with 61 … Read more

Alibeaj: Rama, Berisha and Meta are afraid of justice

13:42 26/04/2023 “After the victory on May 14, the main goal is the reorganization of the DP” Investments in infrastructure, sewerage and water supply is the promise of the PD candidate for Këlcyra Adriatik Spahiu. In his presentation, the commanding chairman of DP, Enkelekd Alibeaj, asked for the support of the democrats on May 14, … Read more

Alibeaj from Finiqi: We distance ourselves from any person who bears traces of corruption

10:50 24/04/2023 Enkelejd Alibeaj has presented the candidate of the DP led by him for the Finic Municipality, Leonidha Pepa, this morning. During his speech, Alibeaj called on the residents of this municipality to vote for Pepa. Enkelejd Alibeaj: I asked Leonidha if he believes in these values ​​that PD has and will take them … Read more

Alibeaj: Berisha only protects personal interests

15:48 22/04/2023 “Destroyed the negotiations for the union of the Democrats” Enkelejd Alibeaj presented the candidate of the Democratic Party in Patos and claims that her program is the program that makes possible the development of this municipality. The commanding leader of this force has based his campaign mostly on the accusations against Sali Berisha, … Read more

Meeting with Glover, Alibeaj: I made everything clear to him about the election process and the situation within the DP

12:49 19/04/2023 Enkelejd Alibeaj met the OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Chief Audrey Glover this Wednesday. In a statement to the media, he said that he informed Mrs. Glover about the internal situation of the Democratic Party and the election process as a whole. “I made it clear to him everything related to the election process so … Read more

Alibeaj at the opening of the campaign in Tirana: A moment of celebration in a difficult moment for us, PD under political aggression

18:38 18/04/2023 Enkelejd Alibeaj’s Democratic Party has opened its political campaign in Tirana within the framework of the May 14 elections. During his speech, Alibeaj stated that this is a moment of celebration, but at a difficult moment for the DP. Alibeaj has stated that the Democratic Party is under aggression as he has thrown … Read more

Alibeaj: Roland Bejko, the future of DP

18:35 14/04/2023 Alibeaj for the abandonment by the candidates: Cause, the aggression of Rama, Berisha and Meta “Breath for Albania” is the slogan with which the DP led by Enkelejd Alibeja will ask for the citizens’ vote on May 14. At the media conference, Alibeaj said that the candidate for Tirana, Roland Bejko, is also … Read more