“May 14”, the rapporteurs who will examine the appeal of Berisha and Alibeaj’s group in KAS are appointed

10:48 12/03/2023 The relators of the nominations in KAS made by the DP led by Sali Berisha and the “Alibeaj group” have been appointed. Ilirjan Rusmajli was appointed relator for the appeal made by Berisha PD, while Koli Bele was appointed for the appeal of Alibeaj PD. Berisha requests the undoing of the decision of … Read more

Alibeaj’s invitation, Berisha: We do not negotiate with hostages and hostage takers

12:47 10/03/2023 Sali Berisha said this Friday that the Democratic Party does not negotiate with any hostage or hostage taker. Berisha made the comment during the weekly conference for journalists where he was asked about the invitation made by Enkelejd Alibeaj for the candidates to compete in the PD logo. The head of the Democrats … Read more

Berisha: Negotiations are underway with Alibeaj’s group

13:43 06/10/2022 Talks with allies for common candidates Sali Berisha’s extended hand to the MPs who support Enkelejd Alibeaj seems to have given the first signals to the blue camp. It was the chief democrat himself, who confirmed the start of negotiations not only for the territorial reform, but also the appearance as a united … Read more