Fiscal amnesty, Balla: There is no international pressure, but recommendations

12:00 07/11/2022 In a statement to the media, the head of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, stated that a law on fiscal amnesty is necessary to provide the economy with additional income. Balla has said that there is no international pressure for the fiscal amnesty law, but recommendations. Question: A long … Read more

EU: Be careful with the fiscal amnesty

19:57 17/10/2022 Ambassador Hohmann: Progress with justice! The European Union continues to remain skeptical regarding the Albanian government’s initiative for fiscal amnesty. The ambassador of the European Union delegation in Tirana, Christiane Hohmann, speaking before the deputies in the National Council for Integration, once again repeated the official position of Brussels on this initiative. “In … Read more

The draft budget for 2023 is approved, Ibrahimaj: We still do not have a date for the approval of the fiscal amnesty

14:18 10/10/2022 After the meeting of the government, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Delina Ibrahimaj, announced that one of the decisions taken at this meeting was the approval of the draft budget for 2023, where she emphasized that the focus will be on coping with the energy crisis. Delina Ibrahimaj: The draft budget will … Read more

Milva Ekonomi: The fiscal amnesty will be temporary

19:29 04/10/2022 Economy Minister: We will convince international partners, politicians do not benefit The legalization of the money of Albanians working abroad and their introduction into the Albanian economy remains a challenge for the government, despite the skepticism shown by international partners, the USA and the EU. The Minister of State for Service Standards, Milva … Read more

Fiscal amnesty, Ibrahimaj: There will be no legalization of an illegal construction

11:46 03/10/2022 The Minister of Finance and Economy, Delina Ibrahimaj, during the press conference on the progress of the economy so far, was asked about the fiscal amnesty. The minister stated that the fiscal amnesty cannot legalize illegal constructions. “We have been very clear about the purpose of the fiscal and criminal amnesty. At the … Read more

Tabaku appeals to the opposition: Do not vote for the fiscal amnesty law

12:43 29/09/2022 After leaving the Presidency of the Assembly after the meeting she had with the ambassador of Slovenia, Peter Japelj, the deputy of the Democratic Party, Jorida Tabaku, gave a statement to the media. During her speech, MP Tabaku called on all opposition MPs not to vote for the law on fiscal amnesty, given … Read more

Fiscal amnesty, EU: We have serious concerns about the current draft

12:11 29/09/2022 The European Union expresses concern about the fiscal amnesty draft planned by the government. In a response to journalists, the EU considers these concerns about the current draft to be serious. “The European Union has serious concerns about the current draft law on fiscal amnesty. We will continue consultations with the relevant government … Read more

Boy, 11, hands in 18-inch machete to knife crime campaigner during amnesty

Boy, 11, hands in terrifying 18-inch long machete to knife crime campaigner during amnesty Primary schoolboy hid the deadly blade inside his trouser leg for protection¬† Campaigner Odane Cross, 28, has launched an amnesty in Reading, Berkshire¬†¬† He said he was reduced to tears when he discovered the boy was just 11 years old By … Read more