Zookeepers across England get animals ready for parks to reopen next Monday

Zoos across England are preparing their animals for the big reopening next Monday with many newborns set to meet the public for the first time after being born during the third lockdown. Among the biggest zoos to reopen their gates on April 12 will be London Zoo, Chester Zoo and Colchester Zoo – with various safety … Read more

Ozzy Osbourne has been shooting animals that wander into his garden with a rifle during lockdown 

‘There’s dead cats and birds every minute’: Ozzy Osbourne claims he has been shooting small animals with a rifle as they wander into his garden during lockdown By Aisha Nozari For Mailonline Published: 02:02 BST, 6 April 2021 | Updated: 02:02 BST, 6 April 2021 Ozzy Osbourne claims he has shot various ‘cats and birds’ … Read more

Police smash dog theft ring as they rescue 27 animals and arrest woman, 54, and two teenage boys 

Police smash dog theft ring as they rescue 27 animals including spaniels, terriers and lurchers and arrest woman, 54, and two teenage boys  Essex Police & the RSPCA found 19 adult dogs and eight puppies at the address Breeds included spaniels, terriers, lurchers, a French bulldog and a Rottweiler  A woman, 54, and two teenage … Read more

Animals create their own cultures and pick up traditions from their parents, study finds

Animals are able to develop and have their own cultures and pick up traditions within that culture from their parents, just like humans, according to scientists.  University of St Andrews experts reviewed earlier studies in the field of animal behaviour and interactions created over the past 70 years. They found that animals have consistently shown … Read more

Dog rescue centre reveals coping with animals abandoned during lockdown has been ‘nightmare’

An animal rescue centre has revealed that the surge in abandoned dogs being taken to their centre because of lockdown has been a ‘nightmare’.   Sylvia Van Atta, co-founder of Many Tears, near Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, explained that the centre is struggling to survive because of the overwhelming number of animals who have been given up by … Read more

Russians are warned cut VODKA intake after Covid jab – as the country announces vaccine for ANIMALS

Russians have been warned to limit their vodka consumption after receiving the Sputnik V jab, as the country registered the world’s first vaccine for animals. The head of the Gamaleya Research Institute, which created Russia‘s coronavirus vaccine, has said Russians should not drink more than one and a half shots of vodka a day if … Read more

WHO report says animals likely source of COVID

Joint WHO-China report on origins of COVID claims the virus likely spread from animals to humans and says theory it leaked from Wuhan lab is ‘extremely unlikely’ The findings were largely as expected and left many questions unanswered  The report´s release has been repeatedly delayed, raising questions about whether the Chinese side was trying to … Read more

People share snaps of animals looking oddly terrifying

A real scaredy-cat! Hilarious snaps reveal animals that look too sinister to snuggle – inlcuding a dog ‘plotting their owner’s death’ People from across globe have shared snaps of animals looking ‘oddly terrifying’ Taking to Reddit, one person shared a bizarre photo of a pelican eating a chip While another felt afraid when their dog … Read more

‘Map of Undiscovered Life’ reveals where unknown animals are likely to live on Earth

An interactive map has revealed where the 80 per cent of ‘undiscovered life’ not yet found on planet Earth is thought to be hiding, according to its developers. The world’s first ‘map of undiscovered life’ was created by scientists from Yale University and will help experts track unknown species ‘lurking in the shadows’. The work … Read more