The Jubilee of Independence convenes 2 Albania-Kosovo assemblies

15:33 27/11/2022 Rama and Kurt’s messages for the 110th anniversary of Independence The 120 MPs of Kosovo traveled to Tirana to join together in the first large Assembly of Albanians. A symbolic meeting to remember the 110th anniversary of the day when the Albanians of Albania and Kosovo came together to declare Independence. The messages … Read more

Albania-Kosovo assemblies meet/ Nikola: Unforgettable day, honor and glory to the men of Independence

10:38 27/11/2022 On the eve of the 110th anniversary of Independence, the Parliament of Albania and Kosovo are holding a joint parliamentary session. At the beginning of this session, the Speaker of the Assembly of Albania, Lindita Nikolla, spoke, who said that today is an unforgettable day as she added that today is the day … Read more

Headteacher praises Taylor Swift as a great philosopher and quotes her lyrics in school assemblies

Leading headteacher praises Taylor Swift as a great philosopher and regularly uses her lyrics in school assemblies The headteacher of Harris Westminster has praised Taylor Swift as a¬†philosopher James Handscombe, 46,¬†revealed he uses her pop songs as source of inspiration He often quotes her alongside Shakespeare, Yeats, Donne and Samuel Beckett By Clare Mccarthy For … Read more