Felaj: Spaho should be expelled from the Assembly for 20 days

16:15 16/02/2023 The Deputy Speaker of the Parliamentary Majority, Ermonela Felaj, who leads today’s parliamentary session, has brought to the attention of the Secretariat for Ethics the procedures for the exclusion from the session of deputies who, even though an exceptional measure of 10 days has been taken against them, continue to stay and obstruct … Read more

The opposition is protesting tomorrow in front of the Assembly, Berisha publishes the protest spot

10:22 15/02/2023 Tomorrow the Assembly will hold its next plenary session, so the opposition has decided to protest again. It is the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, who published the spot of the protest called to be held on Thursday in front of the Parliament. “Parliament proved that they are much closer to … Read more

Debate in the Assembly hall and protest outside it

12:18 13/02/2023 Strong clashes between the majority and the opposition are expected This afternoon is expected to bring strong debates in the parliament between the majority and the opposition. Although on the agenda are only the discussions related to the concerns of the voters, the opposition is expected to forcefully request the presence of the … Read more

The opposition called a protest today in front of the Assembly, Balla: After Saturday’s failure, today is the third

11:35 13/02/2023 “Those who have worked in the State Security should not reach the highest structures of the state“ The chairman of the parliamentary group of the SP, Taulant Balla, in a statement to the media, announced the issues that will be discussed today in the Parliament of Albania. During his speech, Balla was also … Read more

Berisha: Protest in every session before the Assembly. We do not take power by force

19:57 12/02/2023 A day after the protest, Sali Berisha gathered the heads of Tirana branches to communicate the next step. The revolution of the opposition, which according to him started on Saturday, will continue until the fall of the government. One of the forms of expression of citizens’ revolt will be the protest in front … Read more

DP risks registration in the elections, Berisha: The court recognizes the December 11 Assembly

12:53 03/02/2023 Two days ago, the head of CEC Ilirjan Celibashi declared that DP, due to the internal situation, risks registration in the local elections. To this statement, the leader of PD Sali Berisha responds by saying that the court has recognized the National Assembly of December 11, 2021 by decision. In the weekly conversation … Read more