Rama: The digital revolution and the cyber attack on Albania on the agenda of the debates in Davos

23:34 17/01/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama is in Davos, Switzerland, where he is participating in the World Economic Forum. Through a post on social networks, the head of the government says that the digital revolution and the cyber attack on Albania have taken place on the agenda of the three-day debates of the forum. “Today … Read more

The attack on Berisha, how the state of the chief democrat and the situation in the PD are presented

16:56 07/12/2022 Journalist Jolldiz Mitro has reported from the headquarters of the Democratic Party about the situation there after the attack on its leader, Sali Berisha. Mitro said that the situation there is calm, while today, Berisha has not been seen going up to his office. Likewise, sources for the journalist have confirmed that Berisha’s … Read more

He was by Berisha’s side at the time of the attack, Nesho: The Chief Democrat reacted with great courage

22:21 06/12/2022 Agim Nesho was by the side of the chief democrat Sali Berisha at the moment when the latter was attacked by 31-year-old Gert Hoxha during the protest. Invited this Tuesday evening to the “Opinion” studio, Nesho said that the conversation between the parties was that the protest should be peaceful and provocations should … Read more

British Embassy: The attack on Sali Berisha, unacceptable for free speech

21:32 06/12/2022 The Embassy of the United Kingdom has reacted on social networks after the attack on Sali Berisha. The British embassy says that violence has no place in a democracy. It is further added that the attack on Berisha is an unacceptable attack on free speech. “Violence has no place in democracy. The UK … Read more

Shehaj: Blocking my business, political attack because I denounced Rama’s scandals

23:06 27/10/2022 The deputy of the Democratic Party, Agron Shehaj, was invited this Thursday to the show “Opinion”. He said that blocking his business is a political attack because he has denounced government scandals. “Blocking my business is not a problem of Albanians. The Albanians don’t care at all, they blocked me, they didn’t block … Read more

Demi Lovato rocks a suit dress after admitting she had an ‘anxiety attack’ watched her docuseries

She’s been showing off some of her most striking looks while promoting her new album and docuseries Dancing With The Devil. And Demi Lovato upped her game on Saturday when she shared a stunning photo of herself in a shimmering suit dress to her Instagram account. The 28-year-old singer-songwriter posted the image a day after … Read more

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Brutal attack on pet dog leaves Strictly Come Dancing star Daisy Lowe reeling 

Strictly Come Dancing star Daisy Lowe is distraught after witnessing a thug kick her beloved pet dog into the air while she was taking him for a walk in the park. The lingerie model says her white Maltese terrier, Monty, was left with a broken knee, severe bruising and suspected internal bleeding after the horrific … Read more

James Haskell launches attack on personal trainer who accused him of manipulating fitness photos

James Haskell sent a series of foul-mouthed messages to a personal trainer who accused him of manipulating before and after images of his lockdown bulk up.   On Wednesday, the former rugby union player, 36, posted a comparison shot showcasing his 19lbs weight loss.  Yet personal trainer Ollie Hayes took issue with the images, claiming that the … Read more

Monkey pulls five-year-old boy’s finger off in attack at Portuguese zoo

Monkey pulls five-year-old boy’s finger off in attack at Portuguese zoo: Child is mauled as he stood near animal’s cage The monkey bit the child’s finger and pulled it from the rest of his hand A police officer retrieved the missing finger which medics hope to re-attach The five-year-old was rushed to a hospital for … Read more