Western Balkan leaders meet in Davos

16:11 19/01/2023 The leaders of the Western Balkans have met in Davos. The meeting was closed. But on the agenda of the participants there were also representatives of the governments of various European countries, the Secretary General of the OSCE as well as leaders of the European financial organizations EBRD and the French Development Fund. … Read more

“Open Balkan”, Rama: We should not always be taken advantage of by others. Kovacevski: He does not oppose the Berlin Process

14:31 14/11/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama, during the press conference after the meeting of the governments of Albania and North Macedonia, said that it is worth continuing with the “Open Balkan” initiative. Answering the question of the Albanian journalists, Rama said that in the end we will remain with the “Open Balkans”, as “The Berlin … Read more

Rama: We are preparing another Open Balkan summit in Albania

14:09 14/11/2022 In the joint press conference with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Dimitar Kovacevski, the head of the Albanian government Edi Rama announced that our country is expected to hold another summit of the Open Balkans initiative. “We are preparing another Open Balkan summit in Albania and we are pleased that … Read more

Rama at the Paris Peace Forum: “Open Balkan” will provide benefits for all states of the region

17:46 11/11/2022 During his speech at the Peace Forum in Paris, Prime Minister Edi Rama, while talking about the Western Balkans region, said that there are more opportunities between countries to work together. As an example, he took the Open Balkans, which he said is a project that encourages countries to move forward together on … Read more