Visit to Berlin, Gjiknuri: Europe should not lose focus from the Western Balkans

18:35 22/09/2022 A delegation of the Socialist Party led by the General Secretary of the SP, Damian Gjiknuri, conducted a working visit to Berlin where he met with the highest levels of policy making in the German Social Democratic Party and the German Bundestag on issues related to the Western Balkans. During these meetings, which … Read more

A layer of waste covers Serbian lake as the Balkans loses its battle with pollution

Cranes and building machinery were sent to a lake in Serbia last week to clear a thick layer of waste covering its surface. Tons of floating waste have accumulated at the foot of the Lim River hydro-electric power plant on the Potpeć Reservoir in southwest Serbia following heavy rains earlier this year. The islands of rubbish … Read more

World Health Organisation warns the Balkans is a ‘hotspot’ for coronavirus 

Fears grow for thousands of Brits’ holiday plans after World Health Organisation warns the Balkans is a ‘hotspot’ for coronavirus as Croatia is poised to be put on UK’s quarantine travel list TOMORROW WHO said Balkans regions was ‘very much a sub-regional hotspot’ over summer  WHO said the region needed to ‘nip transmission in the … Read more