“The port in Porto Romano costs 390 million Euros”, Belinda Balluku replies to Alibeaja

15:34 24/11/2022 In today’s plenary session where the issue of the Port of Durrës was discussed, Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku, also Minister of Infrastructure and Energy. She responded to the accusations made by Enkeled Alibeaj, who said earlier that the construction of the new port, which will be built in Porto Romano, will cost … Read more

Berisha visits the flooded areas of Shkodra: Rama and Balluku did not want to stop the theft

12:50 21/11/2022 The chairman of PD Sali Berisha has headed towards the flooded areas in Shkodër. His first stop was in the village of Kuç, where he held a meeting with residents and made a statement to the media. Regarding the flood situation, the chief democrat Berisha said that “the floods came because Prime Minister … Read more

DP protest, Balluku: It is anti-European

21:52 19/11/2022 Deputy Prime Minister: Protesting against strategic partners is a unique anti-Albanian example Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku describes the PD protest on December 6 as anti-European, since the EU summit with the Western Balkans will take place on this day in Tirana. In her post on “Facebook”, Balluku writes that protesting against strategic … Read more

Rama inspects the Llogara tunnel, Balluku: We expect to see the light at the end of February

18:13 18/11/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama has inspected the works for the opening of the Llogara tunnel that will significantly shorten the access to the south coast. Accompanied by the Minister of Infrastructure Belinda Balluku and MP Blendi Klosi, the head of the government was informed that by Friday morning 4 kilometers and 650 meters … Read more

Balluku: ERE approves the price of energy, the application whether it will increase or not belongs to the government

12:42 28/10/2022 From Bulqiza, the Deputy Prime Minister and at the same time the Minister for Energy and Infrastructure Belinda Balluku has reacted regarding the decision of ERE to increase the price of electricity for consumers who consume more than 800 kWh. Balluku said that the price of energy has not increased as he added … Read more

Balluku: The progress report evaluates the reforms – Tv Klan

15:36 13/10/2022 “Predictions for fiscal amnesty are hypothetical” The progress report of the European Commission was officially submitted to the government by the ambassador of the European Union in Tirana, Kristiane Hohman, to Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku. The number two of the government said that the report recognizes the commitment of the government and … Read more

Report on Albania, Balluku: Success of our institutions

13:35 13/10/2022 Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku described the findings of the European Commission’s report on Albania as positive At the press conference together with EU ambassador Christiane Hohmann, Balluku emphasized that the report has evaluated Albania’s work on reforms and the fight against corruption. “The report on Albania continues to confirm good progress in … Read more

Balluku: Albania did not invent the incinerator, they are used in every country in Europe

11:58 13/10/2022 After the ambassador of the European Union delegation in Tirana Christiane Hohman delivered the European Commission’s report on Albania to Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku, they held a conference with journalists. Asked about “one of the chapters of the progress report, when it is said that the government’s policies on incineration contradict the … Read more