Alibeaj’s resignation, Gazment Bardhi reacts: I called Jorida Tabaku to an urgent meeting

17:55 17/05/2023 After the resignation of Enkelejd Alibeaj as the commanding chairman of the DP, Gazment Bardhi reacted in the capacity of the General Secretary of the party. Through an official announcement, Bardhi informs that he has called Jorida Tabaku, the vice president of the party, to an urgent meeting. “After I became familiar with … Read more

Tensions in Parliament, MP Gazment Bardhi is expelled

12:07 02/02/2023 Democratic Party MP Gazment Bardhi has been expelled from the plenary session after debates in Parliament. The decision was given by Speaker Lindita Nikolla, as according to her, MP Bardhi said offensive words. The opposition blocked the floor of the Parliament after the Prime Minister Edi Rama did not appear in the session … Read more

Bardhi: Rama should not hide behind the minister’s dress; Spiropali: Why are you afraid of women?

11:54 02/02/2023 The opposition demands that Prime Minister Edi Rama go to Parliament to interpellate with Democratic MP Gazment Bardhi on the “McGonigal” issue. But Rama, in his absence, has delegated Minister Elisa Spiropali to conduct the interpellation. Meanwhile, deputy Bardhi requests that the interview be held with the Prime Minister and not with Spiropali. … Read more

Bardhi is expelled from the parliament for 5 days

13:20 17/11/2022 Democratic deputy, Gazment Bardhi, has been expelled from Parliament for 5 days. The decision came after his behavior in the Law Commission. “In the direction of Mrs. Klotilda Bushka, today the Secretariat for Procedures, Voting and Ethics met to review the request of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party, regarding the situation … Read more

Gazment Bardhi talks about the meeting with Paloka: We exchanged opinions, one-sidedness damages the process

18:50 18/10/2022 The Deputy of the Democratic Party Gazment Bardhi has not preferred to give detailed details about the coffee he held in a bar this morning with Edi Paloka, in an effort to unite the Democrats for the 2022 local elections. After the meeting of the democratic parliamentary group, Bardhi said that the two … Read more

The meeting with Bardhi ends, Paloka: The common will to come up with a candidate

12:36 18/10/2022 Today, Edi Paloka and Gazment Bardhi met, who were mandated as negotiators of the parties within the DP. After the meeting, which lasted about 60 minutes, Paloka told the media that the meeting has not failed and that there is a common will to come up with a candidate. “When we have something … Read more

Negotiations for candidates, Paloka meets with Bardhi

11:35 18/10/2022 Negotiations continue between the representatives of the two parties in the Democratic Party with the aim of uniting the party in the upcoming local elections. The chairman of the DP National Council, Edi Paloka, met this Tuesday with Gazmend Bardhi, who has been mandated as a negotiator by the deputies who support Enkelejd … Read more