“Wake up” Basha: Campaign throughout Albania

18:37 27/03/2023 Russian funding, Basha: Berisha asked the guests at the family party The Austrian president’s visit to the parliament woke up Lulzim Basha, determined to return to the political arena. His name and firm clashed sharply with the two groups within the DP, but Lulzim Basha does not recognize any responsibility for himself. “The … Read more

Berisha: Basha and Alibeaj, in relation to the crime with Rama

19:42 21/03/2023 Presents the candidate of the “Bashke Fitomje” coalition in Selenica From Selenica, where he presented the candidate of the “Together We Win” coalition for the May 14 local elections, the Chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, accused Lulzim Basha and Enkelejd Alibeaj of being in a criminal relationship with Prime Minister Edi … Read more

Berisha: Rama, Basha and Alibeaj will fail

15:48 11/03/2023 “They will not be able to prevent the DP from entering the elections” On his birthday, the Democrats remembered Azem Hajdari who, if he were alive this year, would celebrate his 60th birthday. Sali Berisha remembers their first meeting in December 1990 in the Student City and talks about the energy with which … Read more

Election registration/ The Alibeaj Group announces Celibash: Basha has resigned, the documents are complete

09:50 11/03/2023 Through an official letter, the representative of Enkelejd Alibeajt’s group, Indrit Sefa, informs the CEC that Lulzim Basha has resigned from the position of the chairman of the Democratic Party, referring to the public statement he gave on March 21, 2022 publicly before the Presidency of the Democratic Party -‘s. The letter is … Read more

“He is dead politically”, Jozefina Topalli for Basha: It will take years to recover the damage he has done

20:15 25/10/2022 This Tuesday, Jozefina Topalli was invited to “Milori Live” on Klan News, where she spoke about the most discussed topics of politics these days, especially about those topics involving the Democratic Party. In this interview, she also mentioned the former chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha. Asked if the creation of a … Read more

Lulzim Basha participates in the voting of the law on opening the files of communism

00:27 21/10/2022 The former chairman of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha was present in the Parliament in the vote for the full opening of the files of communism and their declassification. This law was voted with 94 votes in favor, 1 abstention and none against. The law on the full opening of the State Security … Read more

Berisha shows the problem he has with Lulzim Basha: Make transparency about Russian funds

18:27 03/10/2022 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, says that former chief democrat Lulzim Basha should clarify and make transparent about Russian funding. “The only problem I have with Basha is to make transparency with Russian funds. I have not communicated, but the audit commission will give him the right to explain this … Read more

Russian funding, DP: We will also call Basha

15:36 27/09/2022 Audit every act, inside and outside the country The audit of the Russian finances in the Democratic Party will include the control of every act and legal source in function of the transparency of this matter, in which former president Lulzim Basha is accused of being involved. In an interview for TV Klan, … Read more