Basha: I withdrew in order not to divide the PD. The youth rise up in protests against the government

19:42 27/05/2023 Lulzim Basha continued his meetings with young people in Shkodër. He said that on May 14 there was no alternative and that young people did not go to vote. Basha said that he withdrew from the leadership of the party a year ago in order not to divide the Democrats, but according to … Read more

Basha: Berisha is looking for enemies to hide failure, the plight of SB is different from the plight of citizens

13:55 25/05/2023 after statements of the chief democrat Berishawhere he accused MP Basha of collaborating with Prime Minister Rama, Basha reacted on “Twitter”. Through a status on this social network, Basha writes that “if Berisha had attacked Rama, as much as he attacks those who do not think like him, the result would not have … Read more

Basha: I withdrew 1 year ago to give a chance to the union of the Democrats

18:00 24/05/2023 On March 21 of last year, Lulzim Basha resigned from the leadership of the Democratic Party.He spoke about this decision today in his meeting with young people in Tirana. Basha says he gave up that post in the Democratic Party, so that the Democrats could unite. “We will enter a field that I … Read more

Basha invites citizens: Let’s start a journey together without delay, 100% open lists

17:43 24/05/2023 The former chairman of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha has returned to the political scene after more than a year. In his meeting with young people in Tirana, Basha invited all citizens to come together to start a new path that will enable Albanians to have the power to vote. The latter, says … Read more

Basha: May 14, the date of the final expiration of the political system in Albania

17:32 24/05/2023 Lulzim Basha returned to a public meeting after more than 1 year after resigning from the position of the chairman of the Democratic Party. He was with the young people this Wednesday where he stopped to talk about Albanian politics. He emphasized that politics has shown that it recycles the old. According to … Read more

Basha returns, meets young people in Tirana: No campaign has started yet, let’s talk relaxed

17:14 24/05/2023 The former head of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has returned to meetings with citizens. After more than a year from his resignation from the function of the president of the DP, Basha this Wednesday held a conversation with the young people in the capital. He emphasized in his speech that in these … Read more

Berisha: Basha, Rama’s hostage not only for Russian lobbying

15:34 31/03/2023 “Alibeaj hid the criminal brother” He accused Lulzim Basha and Enkelejd Alibeaj of being hostages in the crime with the prime minister. He targeted his predecessor at the head of the Democratic Party not only for Russian lobbying, while Alibejn for hiding his criminal brother. “Don’t think that Lulzim Basha is only accused … Read more

Berisha: Basha, hostage with the file of laundering $700,000 and other affairs. Alibeaj has hidden his criminal brother

12:36 31/03/2023 “There is no division in DP, but hostage-taking“ Chief Democrat Sali Berisha stated in the weekly conference with journalists that what is called “disruption of the opposition” is not such, but is “hostage taking”. For Lulzim Basha, the chief democrat Berisha said that he is taken hostage with the file of laundering 700 … Read more

“Wake up” Basha: Campaign throughout Albania

18:37 27/03/2023 Russian funding, Basha: Berisha asked the guests at the family party The Austrian president’s visit to the parliament woke up Lulzim Basha, determined to return to the political arena. His name and firm clashed sharply with the two groups within the DP, but Lulzim Basha does not recognize any responsibility for himself. “The … Read more

Berisha: Basha and Alibeaj, in relation to the crime with Rama

19:42 21/03/2023 Presents the candidate of the “Bashke Fitomje” coalition in Selenica From Selenica, where he presented the candidate of the “Together We Win” coalition for the May 14 local elections, the Chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, accused Lulzim Basha and Enkelejd Alibeaj of being in a criminal relationship with Prime Minister Edi … Read more