Salary increase, Sali Berisha: Battle in Parliament to establish the vital minimum of 200 Euros

13:47 24/05/2023 Tomorrow it is expected that the Parliament will discuss and vote on the draft law for the salary increase for all categories, including the ministers and deputies who doubled their salaries a day before in the Economy Committee. Speaking about this issue, Sali Berisha said that for him, the most important thing is … Read more

Veliaj: Our battle is with the old

18:25 07/04/2023 “Saliu and Iliri are puppet masters” The battle in the elections of May 14 for the mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj is with the old one who according to him is represented by Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta. In the meeting with the youth of the Tirana district, the chairman of the Socialist … Read more

Berisha: Unbeatable battle to bring to light every fact of the McGonigal scandal

12:33 04/02/2023 Responding to the citizens in a direct communication from social networks, the leader of the Democrats Sali Berisha said that the McGonigal case will not pass like the others. According to him, this case has deeply shocked the Albanian and international public opinion. He emphasized that PD is determined to do “an unbeaten … Read more

“Strong organization is needed!”, Berisha: The fate of the electoral battle depends on the work in each section

18:25 20/12/2022 At today’s meeting of the National Council of the Democratic Party, the chief democrat Sali Berisha declared that the moment has come to organize this political force before the local elections. Berisha emphasized that the fate of the battle with the political opponents depends on the work in each section of the DP. … Read more

What is expected to happen tomorrow in Parliament? Berisha: A strong battle is expected

14:10 23/11/2022 The Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party met at noon today. At the start of this meeting, the chief democrat Berisha said that a very important issue on the agenda tomorrow in Parliament is, according to Berisha, the corruption mafia affair of the Port of Durrës. Regarding the Port of Durrës, the head … Read more

Berisha: The University Union has decided to end the boycott, but to continue the battle

12:24 07/11/2022 The Chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, in a statement to the media, welcomed the University Union. During his speech, the chief democrat said that the teachers have stopped the boycott, but will continue the battle. Berisha, on behalf of the Democratic Party, has expressed full support for the union of the … Read more

Berisha: Rama has the battle with the reestablished PD, the other one was in his pocket

12:53 05/11/2022 In a conversation with citizens on social networks, Chief Democrat Berisha stated that Prime Minister Rama has a battle with the re-established Democratic Party. During his speech, the chief democrat Berisha emphasized that he was never open to giving up the primaries or replacing the primaries with polls. Question: Dr. Berisha, how will … Read more

Berisha: We will win the battle because we have a just cause, it cannot be tolerated anymore

20:26 01/11/2022 In the meeting with the heads of the Tirana district branches, the Chairman of the Democratic Party Sali Berisha has accused Prime Minister Edi Rama. During his speech, Chief Democrat Berisha said that Prime Minister Rama “has exceeded laws, constitutions, moral norms and everything and has made Albanians foreigners in their own country”. … Read more

“Tirana is in charge and the battle begins”, Berisha: The protest is no longer postponed, we will start a rescue movement for Albania

14:25 18/10/2022 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, during the Presidency meeting, stated that the protest will no longer be postponed. He warned that the next day he will meet with the heads of Tirana branches to divide the tasks and engage in a multifaceted activity. According to Berisha, the government has crossed … Read more

Berisha: The battle of the opposition in Parliament and in the squares

15:33 21/09/2022 “Cyber ​​attacks, disintegration of the rule of law” At the meeting of the parliamentary group of the DP, the chief democrat Sali Berisha warned that the battle of the opposition will not only be in the Parliament, but also in the streets and squares. “The de facto parliament is annihilated with these things. … Read more