Protest for the beam in Divjaka, Minister Kumbaro: It is about an electronic ticket office

16:13 18/11/2022 The Minister of Tourism Mirela Kumbaro says that placing the beam in the Divjaka park is a misunderstanding because according to her it is about an electronic ticket which is also applied in other parks. “A big fuss is raised in vain, while it is about adding, as we have done in the … Read more

US Navy tests orbiting solar panel that could one day beam power anywhere on Earth

A pizza box sized solar panel in orbit is producing enough electricity to power an iPad, according to a succesful test of the technology by the US Navy.  The Photovoltaic Radiofrequency Antenna Module (PRAM) was launched in May 2020 attached to a drone that loops around the Earth every 90 minutes and is designed to harness … Read more

HENRY DEEDES sees an uneasy Labour leader beam in from home for PMQs

As with most members of the legal profession, Sir Keir Starmer would crawl through an open sewer to hear the sound of his own voice. No topic is too obscure, too arcane, on which he would happily hold court.  Weighty matters of Human Rights jurisprudence, for example, or the finer points of the Equality Act. … Read more

The targeted radiation beam helps cancer patients swallow

A new technique can help patients undergoing radiotherapy for throat cancer retain the ability to swallow normally — a development that could benefit around 12,000 people in the UK who are diagnosed with head and neck cancers each year. Treatment usually involves surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and can be successful, with up to 90 per … Read more

More than 150 people beam in to TV’s The Voice Kids after Covid restrictions prevent live audience

Thought your Zoom meeting was big? More than 150 people beam in to TV’s The Voice Kids after Covid restrictions prevent live audience from cheering on young stars ITV invited virtual crowd to watch the series final of The Voice Kids via Zoom call Guests were emailed a Zoom link and the footage of them … Read more