Social media scams: Instagram sees impersonation fraud grow 155% in a year

Fraudsters are increasingly targeting social media favourite Instagram, according to data from Lloyds Bank.   It found that impersonation scams on the popular app soared 155 per cent in the past 12 months, compared to the previous year.   These scams almost always involve fraudsters sending a request for money via the platform, often claiming to be … Read more

Stop treating scammers’ victims as second-class citizens, say experts

Stop treating scammers’ victims as second-class citizens: Calls for a police crackdown as it’s revealed crooks have stolen £2.6bn in past year Martin Lewis warns those who fall prey to scammers are seen as ‘lesser victims’  This is because people wrongly assume they have the money to spare  Investigators warn of explosion in ‘mass impersonation’ scams … Read more

Will the £100 contactless limit mean a fraudster spending spree?

Millions of Britons are worried about fraudsters potentially racking up a several-hundred-pound spending bill on a lost or stolen card ahead of the increase in the contactless limit later this year, new research suggests. Two-thirds of people are worried about contactless fraud on their bank cards if they lose them, according to research from Zopa, … Read more

Aviva backs calls for Government crackdown on financial fraud

Pension giant Aviva backs calls for Government crackdown on financial fraud after its brand is hijacked by criminals At least 27 fake websites were set up in Aviva’s name to dupe unsuspecting victims into handing over cash  The pension giant warned that shutting down the scammer websites is like playing ‘whack-a-mole’ under the current rules  … Read more