Bejko: Head mothers, in our focus

19:47 01/05/2023 “The municipality will reimburse 100% of the housing loan” The candidate of the Democratic Party for the Municipality of Tirana, Roland Bejko, held a meeting with women and girls this Monday, where he promised more support for mothers who head families. “We will make it a priority to focus on mothers who are … Read more

Bejko: Albanians should give up the past

20:31 04/30/2023 “Democrats should not take the vote to Meta” The candidate of the Democratic Party for the Municipality of Tirana, Roland Bejko, called on the citizens to commit to leaving the past behind. For Bejko, the Rama-Berisha-Meta trio have taken the breath of Tirana. According to Bejko, the PD now needs strong voices that … Read more

Bejko promises investments in infrastructure and sewerage

17:25 28/04/2023 PD candidate: Veliaj spends money on concerts, while the roads are degraded Investments in infrastructure and sewerage is one of the promises of the PD candidate for the Municipality of Tirana, Roland Bejko. In the meeting with the citizens of Sauk, Bejko vowed that the investments will be carried out in the first … Read more

Bejko: Veliaj a doll in the hands of Edi Rama] 15:40 26/04/2023 The DP candidate for Tirana presents the agriculture program The candidate of the Democratic Party, Roland Bejko for the Municipality of Tirana during the presentation of the agriculture program, accused the government and the current mayor Erion Veliaj of having left them without infrastructure investments in the rural areas of the Albanian … Read more

Bejko: 70% of Albanians reject the corrupt political class

20:18 20/04/2023 Bejko: Let’s punish Veliaj, Berisha and Meta with a vote Convinced of the May 14 victory, Roland Bejko, during a meeting he held with the candidates for the Municipal Council, said that the polls speak in favor of the victory of the Democratic Party, headed by Enkelejd Alibeaj. “Because, according to all surveys, … Read more

Bejko: In the race to save the honor of the DP, Berisha declare his resignation and leave

19:21 18/04/2023 “In front of us we have the trinomial of the Albanian transition that you voted for one, you get all three” Enkelejd Alibeajt’s Democratic Party candidate for Tirana, Roland Bejko, at the opening of the campaign in the capital city, has accused Berisha, Meta and Rama because, according to him, they cooperate together … Read more

Alibeaj: Roland Bejko, the future of DP

18:35 14/04/2023 Alibeaj for the abandonment by the candidates: Cause, the aggression of Rama, Berisha and Meta “Breath for Albania” is the slogan with which the DP led by Enkelejd Alibeja will ask for the citizens’ vote on May 14. At the media conference, Alibeaj said that the candidate for Tirana, Roland Bejko, is also … Read more

The race for Tirana/ Roland Bejko: Every vote for the “Together We Win” coalition goes to the left parties

13:44 14/04/2023 The candidate for the Municipality of Tirana, Roland Bejko, has called on the democratic voters not to vote for the coalition “We Win Together” of Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta, but, according to him, for the Democratic Party and the DP candidate for Tirana that he represents. In the presentation of the program … Read more