Berisha sits in the socialist chair, Spiropali and Balla “explode”: low provocation

13:57 22/09/2022 Former prime minister: I sat down to tell the socialists that the democrats are today their lawyers in the parliament Sali Berisha: Not by chance, for the first time I waited sitting in a chair of the socialist deputies. I did this with the most sincere intention to tell the Albanian socialists that … Read more

Berisha: The battle of the opposition in Parliament and in the squares

15:33 21/09/2022 “Cyber ​​attacks, disintegration of the rule of law” At the meeting of the parliamentary group of the DP, the chief democrat Sali Berisha warned that the battle of the opposition will not only be in the Parliament, but also in the streets and squares. “The de facto parliament is annihilated with these things. … Read more