“There is no free vote with Rama”, Berisha: The lasting protest will take place

12:56 26/05/2023 In the weekly conference with journalists, the chief democrat Sali Berisha said that there was no sustained protest by the opposition. During his speech, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Berisha, stated that the sustainable protest will take place in the future. Sali Berisha: What has not been done is sustained protest and … Read more

Berisha: The killer of women, Dan Hutra gathered votes for Rakip Suli

12:37 26/05/2023 At the weekly conference with journalists, the chief democrat Sali Berisha has made public a message that came to him from a citizen in Kam√ęz. Based on this message that came to him from a citizen, whose identity he does not disclose, Berish says that referring to him, Dan Hutra collected votes for … Read more

Berisha: The farce of May 14, unprecedented phenomena in the history of elections in Albania

12:26 26/05/2023 In the weekly conference with journalists, the chief democrat Berisha has stated again that he does not know the result of the May 14 elections. During his speech, the chairman of the DP, Berisha, listed his claims as to why he does not know the local elections, which he calls “farce”. Berisha says … Read more

Basha: Berisha is looking for enemies to hide failure, the plight of SB is different from the plight of citizens

13:55 25/05/2023 after statements of the chief democrat Berishawhere he accused MP Basha of collaborating with Prime Minister Rama, Basha reacted on “Twitter”. Through a status on this social network, Basha writes that “if Berisha had attacked Rama, as much as he attacks those who do not think like him, the result would not have … Read more

Salary increase, Sali Berisha: Battle in Parliament to establish the vital minimum of 200 Euros

13:47 24/05/2023 Tomorrow it is expected that the Parliament will discuss and vote on the draft law for the salary increase for all categories, including the ministers and deputies who doubled their salaries a day before in the Economy Committee. Speaking about this issue, Sali Berisha said that for him, the most important thing is … Read more

Berisha: There is evidence that we will submit to international authorities, people want a guarantee for their heads

13:13 19/05/2023 As he listed a number of cases where according to him the elections were manipulated, former Prime Minister Sali Berisha emphasized that the Democratic Party is preparing some evidence to hand over to international authorities. He declares that they are evidence that prove an unfair electoral process and their denunciation will be quite … Read more

“In 2013 I said goodbye”, Berisha: Today, nobody will forget that I retired

13:45 17/05/2023 Asked if he has any responsibility for the loss in these local elections, former Prime Minister Sali Berisha said that these are “theses of those who want to justify vote buying”. Berisha expressed with conviction that the opposition will not give up its resistance and that the statute of the Democratic Party will … Read more

Sali Berisha: I don’t shy away from crime

13:50 16/05/2023 Chief Democrat Sali Berisha declared in a press conference this Tuesday that he does not retreat before crime. He emphasized that anyone who thinks something like that “sees himself without a mirror”. According to Berisha, Shkodra is the ugliest example of how it voted under siege by Edi Rama’s gang. “The Shkodra that … Read more

Fevziu: DP must open up, Sali Berisha must face the truth

22:06 15/05/2023 In an interview with Klan News, journalist Blendi Fevziu analyzed the results of the 2023 local elections. Comparing the opposition and the majority, Fevziu said that with the municipalities won, “Together We Win” administers about 100 thousand people compared to 2.7 million administered by the Socialist Party. In Fevzi’s point of view, the … Read more

Berisha: Rama distributed 10 billion Lek for elections

15:48 12/05/2023 Just a few hours before the start of the closing rally of the electoral campaign, Sali Berisha, while calling May 14 the day of full coronation of pluralism, threw strong accusations at the prime minister, ministers and socialist exponents of buying votes. “If there is a person who has committed an electoral megacrime, … Read more