Berisha: Rama with his 2 hostages, a game to prevent PD from participating in the elections

19:50 09/03/2023 From Lezha, where he also presented the candidate for the Lezha Municipality, chief democrat Berisha did not spare the accusations against Prime Minister Rama and those he calls the prime minister’s hostages, Lulzim Basha and Enkelejd Alibeaj. The chairman of the DP Berisha said that Rama together with Basha and Alibeaj acted to … Read more

Berisha: The DP in power will start the change of Albania with the teachers

18:29 07/03/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, held a meeting with the teachers. In his speech, chief democrat Berisha promised that once the DP comes to power, the change of Albania will start with the teachers. Berisha added that with the DP in power, the budget for education will be increased and … Read more

Berisha meeting with teachers: Education, the main victim of this regime. This government has divided the teacher

18:07 07/03/2023 “In 9 years, 760 schools have been closed, the number of teachers has been drastically reduced“ The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, held a meeting with teachers on the occasion of March 7. During his speech, chief democrat Berisha emphasized that teachers, especially Albanian teachers, with the conditions in which they … Read more

May 14, Berisha: We can go to elections with a coalition, the decision is made by the National Council

15:42 04/03/2023 After the Presidency meeting, Sali Berisha stated that the candidates of the Democratic Party will go to the local elections with a coalition. Berisha also stated that another option is for DP to compete on May 14 with independent candidates. Question: Mr. Berisha, what are the forms through which you will take your … Read more

Berisha: The court decision predetermined by Rama

23:37 03/03/2023 “The prime minister destroyed political pluralism” Sali Berisha described the decision of the three Appeal judges as predetermined in the offices of the Prime Minister, after which he said that Edi Rama destroyed pluralism in the country. “Three judges in an unprecedented process against pluralism read the decision prepared some time ago in … Read more

The DP protest is closed, Sali Berisha: It exceeded all expectations

14:06 03/03/2023 The protest of the Democratic Party and other allied opposition parties on the boulevard “Dëshmorët e Kombit” in front of the Prime Minister’s Office lasted about 2 hours. The chairman of the DP, Sali Berisha, at the end of the rally, said from the courtyard of the blue headquarters that the protest exceeded … Read more

Berisha: Rama thinks that he will exclude us from the elections. We will expel him from Albania

13:45 03/03/2023 Chief Democrat Sali Berisha from the opposition protest has accused Prime Minister Rama of leaving Albanians from the country. During his speech, Chief Democrat Berisha stated that Prime Minister Rama thinks he will exclude them from the elections, but according to Berisha, the opposition will exclude him from Albania. Chief Democrat Berisha has … Read more

“Lobbying against the opposition”, Berisha: Rama cheated, the American court never lies

12:30 02/03/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, spoke about the “McGonigal” case, as he said that “Prime Minister Rama cheated in Parliament”, while the chief democrat added that the American court never lies. Referring to the investigation file, Berisha says that Rama deceived when he declared in Parliament that it is not … Read more