A USA Today editor is fired for wrongly tweeting that the Boulder shooter was ‘an angry white man’

USA Today has fired its ‘race and inclusion’ editor for a tweet incorrectly blaming Monday’s deadly Boulder shooting on ‘an angry white man’. In the immediate aftermath of the shooting in Colorado, which claimed ten lives, Hemal Jhaveri tweeted: ‘It’s always and angry white man, always’.  She had been agreeing to a tweet from Deadspin … Read more

Driver incredibly survives after boulder crushes his car in Pakistan, killing his three passengers

Driver incredibly survives after boulder crushes his brand new car in Pakistan – but his three passengers are killed Rashid Iqbal, 46, was driving his new Suzuki when the a landslide suddenly crushed his car A one tonne boulder landed inches away from the driver’s head The landslide occured in the town of Dhirkot in … Read more

Boulder gunman is a wrestling fanatic who moved from Syria to the US when he was three

The Colorado gunman suspected of killing 10 people at a grocery store on Monday is a Syrian immigrant with a history of mental illness and ‘paranoia’, who had complained about being ‘hacked’ by ‘racist Islamophobes’ on social media.  Ahmad Alissa, 21, of Arvada, is charged with ten counts of murder after allegedly gunning down victims … Read more

Carnage at King Soopers: Video of Boulder shooting shows bodies strewn in parking lot

Horrifying video filmed by a shopper during Monday’s mass shooting at a Boulder supermarket shows bodies strewn in the parking lot and on the supermarket floor.  Ten people were killed during the tragedy, which occurred at the King Soopers store in the Table Mesa neighborhood shortly before 3pm.  The gunman has been identified as 21-year-old … Read more

Victims of Boulder grocery store massacre are identified

‘May his rotten a** fry and burn in hell’: Family of 25-year-old woman gunned down by ‘deranged monster’ Boulder shooter post Facebook tribute to their ‘young angel’ Family of Rikki Olds, 25, confirmed she was among the 10 people killed at a King Soopers outlet in Boulder on Monday afternoon when a gunman opened fire … Read more

Cop killed in Boulder shooting had been seeking new job

The father-of-seven cop who was killed in the shooting in Colorado on Monday had been looking for a new job away from the ‘front lines’ in order to protect his family, his father has revealed.  Eric Talley, 51, was learning to become a drone operator because he ‘didn’t want to put his family through something … Read more

Stunning footage shows huge line of cop cars guiding hero Boulder cop, 51, to hospital

Officer Eric Talley, 51, was a father to seven children and among the 10 people killed in the shooting A police procession was held on Monday night after an officer and father to seven children was among 10 people gunned down in a supermarket in Boulder. Footage shot by a helicopter news crew captured the … Read more

Greenpeace builds ‘boulder barrier’ to protect marine protected area

Greenpeace activists have built a new underwater ‘boulder barrier’ in a protected area of the English Channel to stop a hugely harmful fishing practice.  In total 18 boulders, each weighing about three tonnes and carrying the name of a celebrity endorser, were dropped this week from the Greenpeace ship Esperanza in the Offshore Brighton marine protected … Read more

Dramatic rescue of hiker who got trapped under a boulder for 12 HOURS in California mountains

An injured hiker who slipped and got trapped under a massive falling boulder in California for 12 excruciating hours has been miraculously rescued after he cut his pants open with a pen knife to get his phone and he dug his way out from under the rock. Jason Koch, 48, was hiking in the heavily wooded … Read more

Greenpeace completes its boulder barrier to prevent destructive bottom trawling

A barrier of boulders in the North Sea designed to prevent destructive bottom trawling has been completed by environmental charity Greenpeace.  Greenpeace has placed boulders across the seabed of the 47 square mile Dogger Bank protection area to create a ‘bottom trawler exclusion zone’.   The final two boulders in the ‘barrier’ were worked into ‘full … Read more