Brazil’s daily Covid death toll hits record 4,249

Brazil has recorded its largest one-day death toll of the Covid pandemic so far after 4,249 people perished from the disease in just 24 hours on Thursday.  The figure tops the country’s previous one-day record, set just 48 hours earlier, which was 4,195. It brings the country’s death total to 345,025 – the second-highest in … Read more

Brazil’s army, navy and air force chiefs all QUIT over President Bolsonaro’s leadership

The leaders of all three branches of Brazil‘s armed forces jointly resigned on Tuesday following President Jair Bolsonaro’s replacement of the defence minister. The move caused widespread apprehension of a military shakeup to serve the president’s political interests. The resignations are the latest crisis to hit Bolsonaro, who is coming under heavy criticism for his … Read more

Coronavirus: Brazil’s Covid death rate TRIPLED among people in their 20s in February

Brazil‘s coronavirus death rate tripled among people in their 20s in February as the country’s dangerous new variant took over, a study has found. Researchers investigated the ratio of Covid cases to deaths in Brazil last month and found it surged in young people. Even though the numbers of cases across the country were declining … Read more

Brazil’s 300,000 Covid-19 deaths amount to ‘the biggest genocide in our country’s history’

Brazil‘s over 300,000 deaths from the coronavirus amount to the ‘biggest genocide’ in the Latin American country’s history, former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Friday in a scathing attack on current leader Jair Bolsonaro. ‘On Tuesday, 3158 people died of Covid in Brazil. It’s the biggest genocide in our history,’ Lula told Germany‘s … Read more

Brazil’s daily covid deaths top 3,000 as President Bolsonaro says life will soon return to ‘normal’

Brazil‘s daily Covid-19 death toll soared past 3,000 for the first time Tuesday as the hard-hit country struggles to contain a surge of cases.  The health ministry registered a record 3,251 deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing Brazil’s overall death toll to nearly 299,000 – second only to the United States. The latest bleak … Read more

Rio de Janeiro closes its famous beaches in wake of Brazil’s Covid crisis

Rio de Janeiro closes its famous beaches in wake of Brazil’s Covid crisis Rio’s mayor Eduardo Paes said the virus situation in the city was ‘very critical’ Public hospitals in the city currently have a 95% occupancy rate in intensive care Like much of Brazil it is struggling against the impact of the so-called P1 … Read more

Brazil’s Covid catastrophe is an ‘atomic bomb’ that could the pandemic drag out

Scientists are warning that Brazil‘s uncontrolled coronavirus outbreak could threaten the global fight to end the pandemic.  The more infectious, vaccine-dulling P1 variant that emerged there has already become dominant in the majority of the country’s states, and there’s no sign of it slowing down.  ‘This information is an atomic bomb’ Dr Roberto Kraenkel, a biological … Read more

Brazil’s ‘super-covid’ arrives in the US

BREAKING NEWS: Brazil’s ‘super-covid’ arrives in the US: Minnesota resident becomes first American with highly-contagious variant that vaccines may not be able to protect against Minnesota health officials identified the first case of the Brazilian P1 variant in the US on Monday  The Twin Cities resident recently traveled to Brazil and returned this month  They … Read more

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro says there was ‘a lot of fraud’ in the US election

Brazil’s ‘Trump of the Tropics’ President Jair Bolsonaro claims there was ‘a lot of fraud’ in the US election and will ‘wait a little longer’ before recognizing Biden’s win Bolsonaro suggested to reporters that there are questions looming over the vote ‘I have my sources of information… there really was a lot of fraud there,’ … Read more

Meteor is seen exploding in the sky over Brazil’s in footage captured by space observatory

Meteor is seen exploding in the sky over Brazil’s in footage captured by space observatory The Heller and Jung Space Observatory in Porto Alegre, Brazil, recorded the explosion of a meteor Monday in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul The meteor entered the Earth’s atmosphere at 2:31am local time at an altitude of … Read more