Veliaj and Ibrahimaj consulted on the budget with the residents of Unit 5: Let them protest, our focus is work and cooperation with the people

16:17 13/12/2022 Before the approval of the next year’s local budget, the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, together with the Minister of Economy and Finance Delina Ibrahimaj, continued the consultations with the citizens in each unit with Unit 5. Speaking about the large investments that affect this units, but also those planned for next year, … Read more

AUTUMN STATEMENT LIVE: Hunt hikes income taxes and CGT and cuts spending

AUTUMN STATEMENT LIVE: Hunt’s hikes include pulling more into 45p tax, freezing tax thresholds and lowering CGT allowance as he outines fiscal rule Jeremy Hunt expected to launch tax hikes and spending cuts across the UK ONS figures published on Wednesday showed UK inflation has reached 11.1%  By Jane Denton For Thisismoney Published: 07:39 GMT, … Read more

Assembly, 2-day session for the 2023 budget

09:11 09/11/2022 The Assembly of Albania will meet this Wednesday to discuss the draft budget for 2023. “There are two main objectives… It is about mitigating the impact of the global crisis that actually affects Albania, but also about helping the most needy people in Albania, and keeping the price of electricity unchanged. Another objective … Read more

Berisha: The 2023 budget, a new disaster

15:40 08/11/2022 “Rama steals Albanians’ money, every child is born with 21 thousand euros in debt” For Sali Berisha, next year’s budget is a new disaster for Albanians, who he said are stolen by Prime Minister Rama. Speaking with numbers, the head of the Democrats said from the meeting of the parliamentary group that the … Read more

From students, to 1000 soft loans and new water supply, Veliaj presents the main points of the 2023 budget for Tirana

16:52 02/11/2022 The head of the Municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has started a round of unit-by-unit consultations for the presentation of next year’s draft budget. In the meeting with the residents of Unit 1, Veliaj showed the main points on which the investments and services for this area will be focused. The mayor said … Read more

Veliaj starts the presentation of the budget

15:39 02/11/2022 “DP candidates are still discussing newcomers” Unit number 1 in the capital marked the start of the mayor Erion Veliaj’s tour of meetings. In a conversation with young people, he pointed out that the war taking place in Ukraine has caused prices to rise everywhere, but the government and the municipality are taking … Read more

The draft budget of 2023, Tabaku: It does not respond to the needs of citizens

14:34 24/10/2022 “The government increases taxes for citizens, there are no resources for economic growth in 2023” DP MP Jorida Tabaku says that the government has not taken any measures to get the country out of the crisis. Criticizing the draft budget of 2023, Tabaku says that the government does not respond to the needs … Read more

The draft budget for 2023 is approved, Ibrahimaj: We still do not have a date for the approval of the fiscal amnesty

14:18 10/10/2022 After the meeting of the government, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Delina Ibrahimaj, announced that one of the decisions taken at this meeting was the approval of the draft budget for 2023, where she emphasized that the focus will be on coping with the energy crisis. Delina Ibrahimaj: The draft budget will … Read more