SVB workers were paid BONUSES just hours before bank collapsed

The federal government will not bailout Silicon Valley Bank, despite fears of a market meltdown, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced Sunday. The bank, the 16th largest in the US, failed on Friday after a 60 percent drop in shares due to declining customer deposits —forcing SVB to sell off $1.75 billion in shares.  It was … Read more

‘Definitely better than some of these’: LeBron James claims Bronny is superior to NBA players

LeBron James claims his son Bronny, 18, is already BETTER than current NBA players… despite him still being in high school! By Patrick Djordjevic For Dailymail.Com Published: 14:05 GMT, 7 March 2023 | Updated: 15:39 GMT, 7 March 2023 LeBron James showered his son, Bronny, in praise Monday night, tweeting that he could is already … Read more

Leonardo da Vinci ‘discovered’ gravity BEFORE Isaac Newton, study reveals

Pencil sketches by Leonardo da Vinci in the early 1500s suggest he understood gravity well before English mathematician Isaac Newton, who is accredited with the discovery in the late 1600s. Researchers from the California Institute of Technology reanalyzed da Vinci’s notebooks, finding the famed Italian devised experiments to demonstrate that gravity is a form of acceleration. And … Read more

‘Major breakthrough’ in nuclear fusion sees scientists achieve ‘net energy gain’

The US Department of Energy has announced an accomplishment in nuclear fusion that will go down in history – marking a decades-long quest to harness the same energy that powers the sun and stars. Scientists achieved the holy grail of ‘net energy gain’ by producing more energy in fusion than was used to activate it. They made … Read more

‘Major breakthrough’ in the decade-long quest to harness nuclear fusion will be announced TODAY

The US Department of Energy is set to announce a ‘major scientific breakthrough’ in a decade-long quest to harness nuclear fusion, the energy that powers the sun and stars. Scientists, who will share their findings at 10 am ET during a live stream, are likely to confirm they have gained more energy out of a … Read more

California Republican becomes only the second GOP member to vote to impeach Trump to win re-election

California Republican becomes only the second GOP member to win re-election after voting to impeach Trump Valadao held a three-point lead over Democrat Rudy Salas in the Central Valley 22nd District when the race was called Monday night  The outcome took nearly two weeks to be decided in the competitive race  Valadao now joins Washington … Read more

Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Watch the incredible moment scientists extract 10 TONNES of plastic

With an estimated surface area of over 600,000 square miles, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) is the largest plastic accumulation zone in the world. Located halfway between Hawaii and California, the GPGP is estimated to contain a whopping 2.41 million tonnes of plastic – and is continuing to grow. Scientists are desperately trying to … Read more

Ashley Benson flashes her taut midriff and underboob in crop top and lets blonde locks fly free

Ashley Benson flashes her taut midriff and underboob in crop top and lets blonde locks fly free in LA… after rekindling romance with G-Eazy By Sameer Suri For Published: 23:15 EDT, 13 April 2022 | Updated: 23:15 EDT, 13 April 2022 Ashley Benson flashed her taut midriff and a trace of underboob when she … Read more

California project launched to cover a network of canals with solar panels

A California-based water and power utility plans to cover water canals in solar panels, in a first-of-its-kind project to preserve water and generate electricity. Turlock Irrigation District (TID), from Turlock was given a $20 million grant by the state of California for a limited proof-of-concept trial, known as Project Nexus. The solar panels will be placed … Read more