Candidates at risk of decriminalization, Gjiknuri: SP did not have concrete information

17:58 10/04/2023 3 candidates risk the May 14 race due to decriminalization. It is about Rezeart Tuşen, candidate of “Bashke Fitomje” and Qerim Ismailaj in Mallakastër and Kreshnik Hajdarin, candidates of SP in Mallakastër and Kuçovo. While invited to Klan News, the General Secretary of the Socialist Party, Damian Gjiknuri, answered the question of why … Read more

Berisha: All the candidates of “Alibasha” and “Brava” are Erion Veliaj’s crutches

12:41 10/04/2023 The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has stated that all the candidates of Alibeaj and Basha are only Veliaj’s “crutches”. In a live conversation with his followers on Facebook, Chief Democrat Berisha says that every candidate in Tirana for the May 14 elections, except for Belind Këlliç, belongs to Prime Minister … Read more

Berisha: Rama’s candidates with 2-3 names do not represent SP supporters, but crime

19:05 07/04/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, presented the “Together We Win” coalition candidate for Vorë Municipality, Indrit Hoxha, this afternoon. During his speech, the chief democrat Berisha did not hesitate to throw accusations at the SP candidates whom he said have 2-3 names while adding that according to him, they do … Read more

Veliaj presents the candidates for the Municipal Council of Tirana: Who votes for 1 socialist, votes for someone who never leaves office

17:51 05/04/2023 The chairman of the Socialist Party of Tirana and the political leader of the District, Erion Veliaj, today officially presented the new candidates for the Municipal Council of Tirana. In the speech held at the Lake Park Summer Theater, he said that whoever left office 4 years ago does not deserve the vote … Read more

Bardhi’s invitation for unified candidates on May 14, Berisha reacts

13:22 17/03/2023 Regarding the statement of the democratic deputy, Gazment Bardhi, yesterday evening in the “Opinion” show that the democrats should enter with a unified candidate in the May 14 elections, the chief democrat Berisha reacted today in the conference with journalists. The chairman of the Democratic Party, Berisha, stated that “those who think they … Read more

Alibeaj reacts after the KAS decision: We invite all democratic candidates to join the local elections

15:25 16/03/2023 After the KAS decided that the CEC should register the PD with the vice-president Enkelejd Alibeaj in the capacity of the commanding chairman of the party in the local elections of May 14, the latter reacted through a post on social networks. Alibeaj welcomes today’s decision of KAS, as he invites all democratic … Read more