Veliaj with the teachers: Tirana, the capital of great opportunities! The debate about newcomers that the opposition candidates make is racist

19:11 24/01/2023 Following the activities for the International Day of Education, from the gymnasium of the newly built “Sami Frashëri” school, where he met with the principals and teachers of Tirana’s schools, Mayor Veliaj said that the capital will continue to grow, as long as it provides the conditions every family dreams of having. “Like … Read more

The race for Tirana, the candidates evaluate the process

15:57 04/12/2022 The strongest race for the DP primaries is the one in Tirana, where 7 candidates are competing. Some of the candidates themselves, after exercising their right to vote, assessed the process as democratic. “The primaries process is an innovation not only for DP, but for Albanian politics. Today is a celebration of democracy, … Read more

The shootings at the PD meeting in Kurbin, Berisha: Disciplinary measures have been imposed on 2 candidates

12:56 02/12/2022 During the weekly press conference, the leader of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, also spoke about the event that happened on Monday in Kurbin, where a conflict led to the use of a weapon at the DP meeting. Berisha said that the PD Electoral Commission has imposed disciplinary measures against the two candidates … Read more

Primary candidates present platforms

18:00 20/11/2022 Debates are held in 6 other branches in Tirana The seven candidates of the primaries within the Democratic Party for Tirana presented their platforms in front of democrats and sympathizers in 6 other branches in the capital. In the meetings held in branches 6, 7, 10, 13, 15 and 16, they revealed their … Read more

Vokshi presents the candidates for the PD primaries in 18 municipalities of the country (Names)

18:17 18/11/2022 The head of KOKOE, Albana Vokshi, gave a statement after the meeting of the leadership of the Democratic Party. Albana Vokshi has announced the names of the candidates for the other municipalities of the country who will run in the PD primaries. Albana Vokshi said that the presidency, after examining the candidacies, made … Read more

The Presidency of the DP approves the candidates of the primaries for 26 municipalities, the journalist: The strongest race in Tirana

20:11 15/11/2022 The presidency of the DP has approved the names of the candidates who will participate in the primaries for mayor in 26 municipalities of the country. In a direct link to the news edition on TV Klan, journalist Jolldiz Mitro has provided more details about this process that precedes the local elections of … Read more

DP: 7 candidates in the race for the primaries in Tirana

20:00 07/11/2022 Candidates for Durrës and Elbasan are waiting 7 candidates will compete from the Democratic Party in the primaries for the Municipality of Tirana. They are MP Belind Kelliçi, doctor Ilir Alimehmeti, Gert Bogdani, Julian Deda, Adriana Kalaja, Enklejda Fejzo and Fatmir Merkoçi. According to the head of the Electoral Commission in the Democratic … Read more

Alibeaj makes public the 2 names that the group headed by him proposes as candidates for the People’s Advocate

11:56 26/10/2022 In a statement to the media, Enkelejd Alibeaj presented the 2 names of the candidates that the deputies of the group led by him propose for the office of the People’s Advocate. “At the end of the process that has lasted, the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party unanimously managed to have and … Read more