The “Becchetti” case, Balluku: We will not allow Albania to be taken hostage by a criminal of this level

13:47 05/04/2023 After the government meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku was asked by journalists about the “Becchetti” case. Balluku said that the government will not allow Albania to be taken hostage “by a criminal of this level”. She said that the government is fighting not only for our country, but also to help other … Read more

KAS casts lots for DP’s request, Koli Bele will be the relator of the case

09:36 15/03/2023 The Central Elections Commission has drawn lots for the appointment of the relator for the appeal made by Enkelejd Alibeaj’s group to KAS. The lots determined the relator of the appeal filed by DP, KAS member, Koli Bele. After casting the lot, KAS decided not to waste time and to conduct a preliminary … Read more

Motion with debate on the “McGonigal” case, Balla: Rama will be present

11:51 13/02/2023 The chairman of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, in a statement to the media, stated that today’s parliamentary session will be dedicated to the deputies, as he did not give a concrete answer regarding the presence or not of Prime Minister Rama in this session. During his speech, Balla … Read more

Berisha: Rama under investigation for the “McGonigal” case

23:39 02/02/2023 “Revolution if DP does not register in the elections” In an interview given to the show “Opinion”, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, says that he is sure that Prime Minister Edi Rama is under investigation by the American authorities as being involved in the case against the former FBI counterintelligence … Read more

Alibeaj: Rama should have been in the plenary session to give clarifications on the “McGonigal” case

13:12 02/02/2023 Enkelejd Alibeaj has stated in a statement to the media that he was not present at the plenary session today after he made an official visit to the United Kingdom. From the premises outside the Parliament, Alibeaj stated that an interpellation was requested by the opposition MPs with Prime Minister Rama on the … Read more

The “McGonigal” case, Taulant Balla: It has nothing to do with the Prime Minister or a member of the government

20:49 26/01/2023 The head of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, spoke in a direct link to “Milori Live” about the most discussed events recently, where the main one was the case of the former senior FBI official McGonigal. The former official was recognized on Tuesday by the Washington Court with 9 … Read more

The “McGonigal” case, Prime Minister Rama explains how he knew Agron Nezaj and Dorian Ducka

18:36 25/01/2023 Agron Nezaj and Dorian Ducka are two Albanians who are mentioned in the American justice file where former senior FBI official McGonigal is accused of conflict of interest for a sum of money and his undeclared visits to Albania and meetings with Prime Minister Rama while has been on duty. The head of … Read more

The arrest of McGonigal, Gjiknuri: American justice has clarified the case, there is no evidence of the involvement of the Albanian authorities

10:48 25/01/2023 Gjiknuri: Berisha connects every world event with Rama and Russia The General Secretary of the Socialist Party, Damian Gjinkuri, also spoke at today’s press conference about the arrest of former senior FBI official Charles McGonigal. Asked about the news circulating that he has connections with Albania, Gjiknuri said that it is a case … Read more

Man, 50, arrested over Stuart Lubbock case is released under investigation

Man, 50, arrested over ‘murder and indecent assault’ of Stuart Lubbock at Michael Barrymore’s home 20 years ago is released under investigation Suspect, 50, was arrested on March 17 after ‘new information’ came to light The force said he has since been released under investigation A post-mortem had showed Mr Lubbock had suffered severe internal … Read more

Footballers end High Court pension mis-selling case 

Former Premier League footballers end High Court pension mis-selling case against business consultant By Daily Mail City & Finance Reporter Published: 22:16 BST, 8 April 2021 | Updated: 22:16 BST, 8 April 2021 Five former footballers have withdrawn claims against Kevin Neal after he sued for libel, the High Court heard last wee Five former … Read more