Scientists say blood clots caused by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are ‘extraordinarily rare’

Scientists said today that blood clots caused by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are ‘extraordinarily rare’, as regulators launch a of review four cases linked to the single-dose jab. The vaccine, also known as Janssen, is yet to be approved for use in the UK, but the Government has ordered 30 million doses.  However, four … Read more

Dog owner’s warning over deadly plant that caused her golden retriever severe brain damage

Dog owner issues urgent warning over deadly ‘lords-and-ladies’ plant after her beloved golden retriever Lola suffered severe brain damage from eating its poisonous berries and had to be put down Chloe Allen, 22, was forced to put her golden retriever Lola down on March 26 Her dog consumed a couple of ‘lord-and-ladies’ berries last year … Read more

Elon Musk reveals ‘a (relatively) small’ methane leak caused Starship SN11 to explode

SpaceX launched its Starship Serial Number 11 (SN11) March 30 for a high altitude test that ended with the rocket exploding and debris raining from the sky – and Elon Musk has officially revealed what happened. The billionaire shared details on Twitter saying ‘a (relatively) small’ methane leak led to its demise, which was what … Read more

Drought caused by volcanic eruption led Egyptians to abandon Berenike 2,100 years ago

Climate change has been influencing human development for thousands of years, according to scientists examining why a well-fortified port city in Egypt was suddenly abandoned more than 2,100 years ago. Berenike, also known as Berenike Troglodytica, was a fortified city founded in 275 BC by Macedonian pharaoh Ptolemy II, who named it after his mother, … Read more

London LTNs: More chaos caused by cycleway as it blocks three emergency vehicles

A controversial London cycleway has blocked three emergency service vehicles in just 24 hours. A blue-lit fire engine was halted, a police car’s driver was forced to turn around and an ambulance had to weave between traffic after congestion built up on Chiswick High Road in west London. It comes as residents across Britain continue … Read more

Red Arrows are grounded after Royal Navy Hawk jet crash caused by suspected engine failure

The Red Arrows have been grounded after a Royal Navy Hawk jet crashed in woodland during a training exercise in a suspected engine failure. Two pilots are in a stable condition in hospital after crew from the 736 Naval Air Squadron based at RNAS Culdrose at Helston, Cornwall, ejected from the jet on Thursday morning.  … Read more

Saira Khan, 50, slips into underwear as she recalls how a leg injury caused her to ’emotionally eat’

Saira Khan revealed a leg injury caused her to ’emotionally eat and put on weight’ in a candid Instagram post shared on Wednesday morning. The former Loose Women panellist, 50, slipped into lace black underwear as she reflected on her diet and exercise habits in the past couple of months after breaking her fibular bone last October. … Read more

Drunken behaviour is caused by alcohol breakdown products produced in the BRAIN and not the liver 

Booze really DOES go to your head! Drunken behaviours including slurring and difficulty with balance are caused by alcohol breakdown products in the BRAIN and not the liver Researchers looked for different chemicals in the brains of mice and humans They found the chemical changes related to alcohol behaviour were in the brain This includes … Read more

Britons billed average of £142 to repair car damage caused by potholes

A third of drivers have suffered pothole damage which required repair work and the typical bill has hit nearly £150 Some 32% of drivers polled by Citroen said their cars have been damaged by potholes One in ten have been handed pothole-related repairs bills in excess of £250 Admiral warns that March is the month … Read more

METEOR ’caused’ sonic boom over south west England

A mystery ‘sonic boom’ has been felt across Devon, Somerset and Dorset which rocked homes and set car alarms sounding.  Residents took to social media after hearing the blast and feeling an accompanying shockwave at around 3pm today.  A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defence told MailOnline that the bang was not linked to any … Read more