The CEC orders the removal of posters of political parties

21:38 03/05/2023 Celibashi: Removed by the police, they do not contain the required note All posters of political parties that do not contain the note “Produced under the legal responsibility of x party” will have to be removed from the streets of 61 municipalities in the country. The decision was taken by the chief commissioner … Read more

CEC, 97 million Lek for political parties

16:21 22/04/2023 “If they don’t do transparency, they lose funding for 5 years” The Central Election Commission has decided to distribute 97 million Lek to 9 electoral subjects that received more than 1 percent of the votes in the 2015 local elections. Of these, the largest part of the amount benefits the Socialist Party which … Read more

Financing of political parties, Celibashi: Through the system, the CEC will do everything for transparency

10:06 19/04/2023 The head of the Central Election Commission, Ilirjan Celibashi, spoke today in a press conference about the system that will monitor and collect data on the financing of political parties. Celibashi emphasized that this system enables the verification of every political subject during the election campaign so that there are no abuses of … Read more

The CEC publishes the model of the ballot for the municipality of Tirana

21:27 13/04/2023 The Central Election Commission has published the model of the ballot paper of the candidates of each political force for the municipality of Tirana and also that of the Municipal Council. The first in the list of main contenders to take over the leadership of the largest municipality in the country is Arlind … Read more

CEC divides the annual funds, SP gets the majority

17:26 12/04/2023 PD of Enkelejd Alibeaj benefits, Berisha remains without funding The resolution of the stalemate over the seal of the Democratic Party “freed” the Central Election Commission to distribute the annual fund of 345 million and 600 thousand lek to the political parties. The Socialists benefited the most, of 150 million lek, while only … Read more

“May 14” Glover meets Celibash at the CEC

17:19 06/04/2023 Head of observers of the OSCE-ODIHR monitoring mission in local elections The head of the OSCE-ODIHR Observer Mission for the May 14 local elections, Audrey Glover, met with the Chief Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashin at the premises of the Central Election Commission. The focus of the discussion was the smooth running of the election … Read more

CEC did not register him in the May 14 elections, Berisha appeals the decision to KAS

Share 12:55 11/03/2023 At Thursday’s meeting, the Central Election Commission decided not to register as an electoral subject of Berisha’s group on May 14. Chief Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi stated that the legal chairman is Lulzim Basha, but also for the documentation presented by the Alibeaj group, he left a deadline of 48 hours to complete … Read more

CEC deadline, Alibeaj: The documentation is complete

23:30 10/03/2023 “Candidates from the primaries, the hand remains outstretched, but the other side must also answer” The 48 hours left by the CEC for the completion of documentation by the Democratic Party led by Enkelejd Alibeaj will not produce any innovation. After the meeting with the Presidency and the parliamentary group, Alibeaj declared that … Read more