Celibashi: Presence of unauthorized persons in the VC, intimidation of voters. Police to act

13:55 14/05/2023 The Chairman of the Central Election Commission, Ilirjan Celibashi, has raised the concern of unauthorized persons inside some voting centers in the country. In a statement to the media, he says that the presence of these people is considered by the CEC as intimidation of voters and has asked the police to take … Read more

Celibashi: There is no double voting

19:40 05/05/2023 Chief Commissioner: For the first time we will have real data on the number of voters May 14 will mark the fourth election in the country, where voters will be identified through technology. A week before the elections, the Central Election Commission tested the equipment. Chief Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi guaranteed the avoidance of … Read more

Financing of political parties, Celibashi: Through the system, the CEC will do everything for transparency

10:06 19/04/2023 The head of the Central Election Commission, Ilirjan Celibashi, spoke today in a press conference about the system that will monitor and collect data on the financing of political parties. Celibashi emphasized that this system enables the verification of every political subject during the election campaign so that there are no abuses of … Read more

46 parties registered for “May 14”, Celibashi: Not all will participate in the elections

22:17 14/03/2023 46 parties have registered for the May 14 local elections. But not all these parties go to the end of the electoral process. The State Electoral Commissioner, Ilirjan Celibashi, said that some will not participate in the elections because they fail to present candidates. “46 parties. Only a part will participate in the … Read more

Local elections, Celibashi: Funds for parties will be distributed after March 31

11:47 01/03/2023 The State Commissioner of Elections, Ilirjan Celibashi, in a conversation with journalists, stated that after March 31, funds will be distributed to political parties. “We will distribute the funds after March 31. It is the last date that the political parties will have to submit the financial report for 2022. The distribution of … Read more

Celibashi: The political party that participated in the previous elections receives funds

11:56 15/02/2023 The State Election Commissioner held a public session today. In a communication with journalists, the head of the CEC, Ilirjan Celibashi, spoke about the funding of political parties for the local elections of May 14, 2023. Celibashi did not prefer to say which party will receive funds and which will not, as he … Read more

Celibashi: By the 7th, the legitimacy for the DP representative must be determined

12:01 08/02/2023 Today, the CEC approved the members of the CEAZs for the SP, PL and PSD. Chief Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi in a statement to the media said that soon the names proposed by PD will be approved. According to him, it should be concluded by the 7th on the legitimacy of the person who … Read more

Celibashi: CEC recognizes only one PD

11:41 01/02/2023 “Members of KZAZ of PD, decision-making will be in accordance with the law, we have no political interest” The State Commissioner of Elections, Ilirjan Celibashi, says that the fact cannot be overlooked if the DP is not registered in the 2023 local elections according to legal provisions and the political situation can be … Read more

Celibashi: The law on party financing needs improvement

12:16 23/11/2022 Ballgjini: Over 50% of parties without addresses do not submit financial statements The law on the financing of political parties needs to be improved according to the State Commissioner of Elections, Ilirian Celibashi. At the consultation table for party financing, Celibashi emphasized that political subjects have become aware and that they are afraid … Read more