Yuri Kim: You can change the ambassador, but the US commitment to Justice Reform does not change

10:46 10/05/2023 The American diplomat in Tirana, Yuri Kim, has spoken about the new US ambassador who is expected to replace her in her position in Albania, David Kostelancik, whose candidacy has been approved by the US Senate. In the activity for the 110th anniversary of the creation of the Supreme Court, Yuri Kim said … Read more

Berisha from Lushnja: 1 million Albanians fled in 8 years, on May 14 the change is decided

19:58 28/04/2023 Sali Berisha presents the candidate of ‘Bashke Fitomje’ in Lushnje, Eduart Sharka Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha was this afternoon in the city of Lushnje, where he met with the citizens and supporters of the Democratic Party. Berisha presented there the candidate of the ‘Bashke Fitomje’ coalition for the May 14 elections, Eduart … Read more

Media: Let’s vote for change on May 14, SP is destroying the family

12:14 24/04/2023 The President of PR: By supporting the candidates of the coalition “Bashke Fitomje”, we defeat evil The chairman of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, has asked the citizens of Kor├ža to vote for the members of the municipal council, as he has emphasized that the vote for the leadership of the Municipality should … Read more

Berisha presents the candidate for Peqin municipality: Sign the change on May 14

18:11 27/03/2023 Sali Berisha presented this Monday the candidate for the Peqin municipality, Mustafa Pasha, who will represent the “Together We Win” coalition on May 14. In his speech before the Democrats, Berisha said that unlike the majority, the Democratic Party led by him has fully trusted the voters with this electoral process. “Somewhere the … Read more

Meta after the meeting with Berisha: All the opposition are together for change

12:16 10/03/2023 The meeting between the chairman of the Freedom Party Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha at the blue headquarters has ended.The meeting lasted about 40 minutes. PL chairman Ilir Meta declared to the media that the vast majority of municipal councils will be of the united opposition. He emphasized that the moment for change … Read more

Berisha: The DP in power will start the change of Albania with the teachers

18:29 07/03/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, held a meeting with the teachers. In his speech, chief democrat Berisha promised that once the DP comes to power, the change of Albania will start with the teachers. Berisha added that with the DP in power, the budget for education will be increased and … Read more

Change of ambassadors, Rama meets Begaj

21:23 06/01/2023 Rama: I informed him about the main issues of this governing year After the long ordeal of discussions with the government cabinet, Friday morning found Prime Minister Rama in the office of President Bajram Begaj. Prime Minister Rama disclosed some details of the meeting in a post on social networks. “The meeting at … Read more

Berisha: The primaries, the passport of the opening and fundamental change of the DP

17:44 23/11/2022 The Democratic Party gathered the Presidency this Wednesday. Its head, Sali Berisha, said that the primaries are now the passport to the opening and fundamental change of the Democratic Party. Along with the issue of the primaries, Berisha said that the opposition action as a whole will be discussed at the meeting today. … Read more

The report of the majority, there is no change in the number of municipalities

15:43 11/10/2022 Socialists also reject the proposal to change the districts The two former socialist mayors contracted by the majority as experts have recommended to the territorial reform commission not to change the current number of municipalities. In their 5 recommendations, it is not even proposed to change the number of districts as requested by … Read more

CEC, 3 requests to change the Code

19:50 05/10/2022 “Apolitical Commissions, Third-Party Funding and Campaigning” The Central Election Commission, through a letter addressed to the Special Parliamentary Commission on Electoral Reform, requests the amendment of the Code in three main issues, the financing of parties, the composition of commissions and the limitation of the use of public assets during the electoral campaign … Read more