Pelosi heads to South Korea, where president won’t meet her after her trip to Taiwan

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi departed Taiwan Wednesday after her controversial visit that infuriated the Chinese government – only to have the geopolitical tensions follow her to South Korea. Pelosi and her congressional delegation’s next stop is Seoul, where she will meet her South Korean counterpart, National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo and other ruling party members … Read more

Biden will calling China’s Xi at 8:30 TODAY as Taiwan holds drills and experts warn of Pelosi visit

BREAKING NEWS: Biden will calling China’s Xi at 8:30 TODAY as Taiwan holds more drills and experts warn island will ‘bear the wrath of Beijing’ if Nancy Pelosi visits President Joe Biden will call Chinese President Xi Jinping Thursday morning at 8:30 amid rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific The call is the fifth time the … Read more

China launches second of three modules to its permanent space station

China has launched the second of three modules that, together with the main body, make up its highly-ambitious ‘Tiangong’ space station. The new module, called Wentian, was launched on a Long March 5B rocket at 14:22 (06:22 GMT) on Sunday from Wenchang Space Launch Center on the island of Hainan, China. Wentian, a research lab dedicated … Read more

The ‘Strange Slope’ optical illusion in China where uphill looks like downhill

Your eyes DO deceive you: Amazing footage shows the fascinating ‘Strange Slope’ optical illusion in China where cyclists freewheel ‘uphill’ ‘Strange Slope’ can be found 30km (18.6 miles) northeast of the city of Shenyang Videos show cyclists seemingly freewheeling while going ‘up’ the slope An optical sciences expert said the near vanishing point contributes to … Read more

Humans are becoming less sensitive to body odour

The chemical culprit behind body odour has been identified, scientists reported in 2020.  An enzyme made by bacteria which reside in human armpits has been found to produce the pungent scent we know as BO.  Dubbed the ‘BO enzyme’, it is made by bacteria called Staphylococcus hominis which humans inherited from our now-extinct ancient ancestors.  … Read more

World’s oldest fossilized flower bud could solve Charles Darwin’s ‘abominable mystery’

World’s oldest fossilized flower bud could solve Charles Darwin’s ‘abominable mystery’: 130-million-year-old discovery suggests blossoming plants evolved tens of millions of years earlier than previously believed A 130-million-yeaer-old fossilized flower bud  has been discovered in China The flower bud is the oldest known on record and could solve  Charles Darwin’s ‘abominable mystery’ Darwin was puzzled how … Read more

Co-op are using cameras made by Chinese state-owned company ‘to track its shoppers’ 

Co-op supermarkets are using facial recognition cameras made by a Chinese state-owned company to track its shoppers, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. The ethical food retailer is using Hikvision’s live facial recognition technology to monitor customers. Hikvision cameras have been listed as a national security threat in the US while the UK’s Ministry of … Read more

Furious bridezilla destroys 32 wedding dresses worth £8,000 at Chinese bridal salon in deposit row 

Furious bridezilla goes on the rampage with a pair of scissors destroying 32 wedding dresses worth £8,000 at Chinese bridal salon in deposit row The incensed customer was filmed ripping through the dresses on January 9 It came after the salon in Chongqing allegedly refused to return a £400 deposit The woman booked a wedding … Read more