Fascinating We’re The Russos footage from a trip on the world’s highest railway in Tibet 

‘The landscape looked like the moon.’ That’s how traveller Joe Russo described the breathtaking scenery he saw from the train he rode with his wife, Kait, along the world’s highest railway from Xining in China to Lhasa in Tibet, which has a peak elevation of 16,627ft (5,067 metres). It’s a unique journey – so high … Read more

‘Sinister’ Chinese mussel has found its way into British waters

‘Sinister’ Chinese mussel that can smother scallops and oysters has made its way into British waters Asian date mussels have distinctive zig-zag markings on their tiny shells  They were first found in China and have caused problems all over the world  Dense mats of the mussels can suffocate scallops, oysters and seagrass  By Colin Fernandez, … Read more