Trump says ‘I can never die after COVID’ and Biden ‘promises Obamacare with sunscreen’ on SNL

President Trump promised every American will be ‘connected to a beautiful ventilator’ if he wins re-election and said the COVID-19 pandemic was caused by the ‘Wu Tang’ virus that was ‘flown in from China on a plane piloted by Nancy Pelosi’ in the latest cold open on Saturday Night Live. Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, … Read more

Britain’s nuclear submarines become outnumbered as Russian vessels flood into the North Atlantic

Britain’s nuclear submarines become outnumbered as Russian vessels flood into the North Atlantic – as Putin reopens missile base near UK targets Britain’s nuclear submarines are outnumbered by Russia in the North Atlantic Vladimir Putin has reopened a cruise missile base within range of UK targets Head of the Royal Navy, First Sea Lord Admiral … Read more

First ever footage of giant pandas mating in the wild reveals the animal’s violet courtship ritual

For the first time, filmmakers have captured footage of giant pandas mating in the wild. A crew shooting an episode of the PBS series Nature spent three years tracking the gentle giants in China‘s Qinling Mountains to witness the rare courtship.  Two males are shown in an aggressive standoff in a clip from ‘Pandas: Born … Read more

India’s capital sees severe smog hours after Donald Trump described the country’s air as ‘filthy’

New Delhi was blanketed in noxious haze Friday as air pollution levels in parts of the city soared to ‘severe’ levels, hours after US President Donald Trump described the air in the vast nation as ‘filthy’. Smoke from agricultural burning, vehicle fumes and industrial emissions – combined with cooler temperatures and slow-moving winds that trap … Read more

Korean War commemoration: China’s President Xi calls the US an ‘insufferably arrogant invader’

Chinese leader Xi Jinping condemned ‘unilateralism, protectionism and extreme egoism’ in a jab at the United States made during a rally Friday to mark the 70th anniversary of China‘s entry into the 1950-53 Korean War.   Xi slammed the US as an ‘insufferably arrogant invader’ and hailed the Chinese and North Korean soldiers for defeating the … Read more

Chinese pensioners crawl ‘like turtles’ every day ‘to live longer’

Chinese pensioners crawl ‘like turtles’ in the park every day ‘to exercise their bodies and live longer’ The elderly residents are spotted mimicking the animal’s movement at a park A group of them is seen walking on hands and feet while turning their heads They believe the unique exercise can help them stay agile and … Read more

North Korea tells people to stay indoors over ‘yellow dust’ virus fears

North Koreans are warned to stay indoors over fears ‘yellow dust cloud from China’ could infect the population with Covid-19 Kim Jong-un’s regime is urging people to stay inside and keep windows closed Stay-at-home message has also been passed to foreign diplomats in Pyongyang  The secretive kingdom claims it has never had a single case … Read more

More Hunter Biden texts and emails emerge hours before debate

A flurry of emails about Hunter Biden and his international business dealings emerged just hours before Thursday’s third and final presidential debate – with Joe Biden‘s family certain to play a starring role in President Trump‘s attacks. Many of the documents show Hunter Biden jealously apprising the value of his family name in contacts with … Read more

Dog joins tug-of-war contest: Golden retriever helps its side to win

Pup-of-war! Amusing moment golden retriever joins a street contest during its daily walk… and helps its side to win Active dog abandoned its stroll as soon as it saw the tense game in China It immediately picked a side and eagerly held onto the rope with its mouth The pet eventually helped its teammates to win … Read more

EDWARD LUCAS: China’s economy is booming during the pandemic it unleashed

How galling it is to see China bouncing back from the global pandemic that it unleashed. While the rest of the world wrestles with fear, mistrust, unemployment, recession, stagnation, non-Covid health catastrophes, countless blighted lives and a ‘second wave’ of the virus, China is set to enter 2021 stronger than it was in January 2020. … Read more