PIERS MORGAN: ‘We are going to CRUSH Boris into a mangled heap,’ chuckled Alan Duncan 

Friday, March 26 Thierry Henry, one of my all-time Arsenal footballing heroes, has quit social media to protest against the appalling abuse that is rapidly destroying the platforms. ‘There HAS to be some accountability,’ he said. ‘It is far too easy to create an account, use it to bully and harass without consequence and still … Read more

‘I’ve considered all the risks,’ Joan chuckled. ‘If you die, Piers, you die’

Monday, July 13 I’ve decamped to St Tropez for the summer to recharge after the extraordinary frenzy of the first six months of 2020 (has it really only been HALF A YEAR?). A Times columnist joked recently that I must be ‘getting very fat’ with all the Ministers that I was ‘having for breakfast’ on … Read more