Church signs go viral and rack up 18,000 likes on Facebook

Amen to that! Pastor who leaves VERY powerful signs addressing social issues outside his church gains 18,000 likes on Facebook after they go viral Clackamas United Church of Christ in Milwaukie has gone viral on social media Church has gained a reputation for signs showing acceptance to all people  Over 18,000 people have liked the church’s … Read more

Church of England’s first black female bishop says race report was wrong

The Church of England’s first black female bishop has criticised the conclusions of a government report on race and said Britain is not yet ‘a model for other white-majority countries’. The Rt Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin, who became the Church of England’s first black female bishop in 2019, voiced her concerns following the release of a 250-page report by … Read more

Boris Johnson pays tribute to the army of church volunteers in vaccine rollout

Boris Johnson pays tribute to the army of church volunteers who have helped Britain’s remarkable vaccination effort in his Easter message Boris Johnson thanks ‘millions of Good Samaritans’ in Britain’s vaccination effort The PM expresses sympathy for Christians who can’t celebrate Easter as normal He noted that churches across the UK are opening their doors … Read more

Moment police shut down Good Friday service at Polish church in London for breaching Covid rules

Moment police shut down Good Friday service at Polish church in south London for breaching Covid rules as worshippers are threatened with £200 fines Officers shut down the religious ceremony in Balham High Street at around 5pm  Worshippers were told the gathering was ‘unlawful’ and threatened £200 fines Guidance states communal worship is legal as … Read more

Church of England withdraws advice for hosting Maundy Thursday meal at home after backlash

The Church of England has withdrawn its advice for hosting an Easter meal at home following backlash from priests and Rabbis over claims it ‘appropriated’ Jewish Seder tradition. The guidance was issued on how to celebrate Maundy Thursday – which marks the beginning of the three-day celebration of Easter – at home amid the coronavirus … Read more

Pictured: The most miraculous and marvellous English church treasures from Warwick to Yorkshire

Explore England’s places of worship and you’ll find masterpieces of design, some of the world’s most beautiful stained-glass windows and a host of astonishing murals, monuments and carvings spanning over a thousand years of turbulent history – as a fascinating new book reveals. The National Churches Trust teamed up with prolific church photographer Matthew Byrne … Read more

Crosses etched in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre carved by medieval masons not vandals

Dozens of crosses litter the walls of the Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre that have long though to be the works of graffiti by Crusaders – until now. Archaeologists determined the symbols were carved by 15th century masons who were paid by pilgrims looking for added insurance of salvation. The discovery was made using … Read more

Archbishop of Canterbury warns cancel culture is a ‘huge threat’ to the future of the Church

The Archbishop of Canterbury has railed against the creeping trend of cancel culture as a ‘huge threat’ to the Church of England’s future. Justin Welby also defended the right to freedom of speech after a teacher was suspended for showing his class a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. In a rare intervention, the head of the … Read more

Two suicide bombers with allegiances to Islamic State blow themselves up outside Indonesian church

Two suicide bombers believed to be members of a militant network with Islamic State allegiances have blown themselves up outside a church packed with Palm Sunday Mass parishioners in Indonesia. At least 20 church parishioners and security guards were injured in the blast outside the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral in Makassar on the island … Read more

Scottish judge rules Nicola Sturgeon’s church ban is unlawful

The SNP‘s church ban during lockdown has been deemed unlawful after 27 clerics launched a judicial review. A judge ruled that Nicola Sturgeon‘s criminalisation of worship was unconstitutional, disproportionate and infringed on human rights. Judge Lord Braid told Edinburgh’s Court of Session that ‘it was impossible to measure the effect of those restrictions on those who … Read more