Basha: Berisha is looking for enemies to hide failure, the plight of SB is different from the plight of citizens

13:55 25/05/2023 after statements of the chief democrat Berishawhere he accused MP Basha of collaborating with Prime Minister Rama, Basha reacted on “Twitter”. Through a status on this social network, Basha writes that “if Berisha had attacked Rama, as much as he attacks those who do not think like him, the result would not have … Read more

Basha invites citizens: Let’s start a journey together without delay, 100% open lists

17:43 24/05/2023 The former chairman of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha has returned to the political scene after more than a year. In his meeting with young people in Tirana, Basha invited all citizens to come together to start a new path that will enable Albanians to have the power to vote. The latter, says … Read more

Jorgo Goro: The citizens of Himara express their will by voting. Vangjel Dule should speak with facts

14:47 14/05/2023 The mayor of Himara, Jorgo Goro, who is seeking a second term, has called on the citizens to vote. Jorgo Goro: “Today the citizens of Himara must express their will with a vote and the vote must be for what they think. No hesitation, I invite all citizens who have not voted yet … Read more

Ilir Meta: Citizens fulfill their obligation, to participate en masse in the elections

12:10 10/05/2023 The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, in a press conference, called on the citizens to participate en masse in the local elections on May 14. Meta says that going to the polls is a civic obligation but also a patriotic duty, according to him. “Today I want to ask all citizens … Read more

Local elections, Patozi: We address the citizens who are in front of Rama and on the other hand are not in the political line of Berisha and Meta

14:19 07/04/2023 Representative of the “Democratic Persuasion” Astrit Patozi in a Skype connection for Klan News spoke about the pre-election situation and what is expected to happen after May 14. As for the non-production of candidates for mayor by “Bindje”, Patozi said that the main goal is for the opposition to come up with one … Read more

Berisha gathers the leaders of the districts: Let’s organize with the membership, supporters and citizens

14:21 20/02/2023 The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has today gathered the PD leaders in the districts to discuss the opposition action. Berisha said that the peaceful revolution does not happen only with protests but also with civil disobedience. For these actions, said the chief democrat, intensive meetings are needed with the members … Read more

Today at 17:00 protest in front of the Parliament, Berisha invites the citizens: Let the voice of the opposition people be heard

13:21 13/02/2023 “I invite you all to have your voice heard, in the hall and outside the hall, the voice of the opposition people” As it was warned, this afternoon the opposition has called a protest in front of the Parliament. This was reconfirmed by the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, in a … Read more

Bylykbashi before the Police Station: All detained citizens will be released

16:16 11/02/2023 Deputies of the Democratic Party have gone to Police Stations 1 and 2 in Tirana to support those detained by the police. In a statement to the media, MP Oerd Bylykbashi said that all the detained protesters will be released because they were not doing anything illegal. “I am sure that all those … Read more

Berisha appealed to the citizens: Let’s stand up in powerful protests

20:10 31/01/2023 The Democratic Party gathered the Presidency this Tuesday. The head of the blue seat during the speech addressed to the members of the presidium stopped for the most part on what he considers as the “scandal of the century”, the case of the arrest of the former FBI official, Charles McGonigal. He accused … Read more