Slavia Prague STAND while Arsenal take the knee before Europa League clash

The Slavia Prague team opted against taking the knee before kick-off in their Europa League quarter-final clash with Arsenal on Thursday. The Czech side are at the centre of an ongoing investigation into centre back Ondrej Kudela, who is alleged to have racially abused Rangers‘ Glen Kamara in their last-16 clash last month.  UEFA handed Kudela a … Read more

Italian restaurant owners scream ‘Freedom!’ as they clash with police over lockdown rules

Italian restaurant owners and others angry at having their businesses shut for weeks due to a virus lockdown clashed with police on Tuesday during a protest outside Parliament in Rome. Protests also took part in southern Italy, where demonstrators blocked a major highway.  One officer was injured in the scuffling, the Italian news agency LaPresse … Read more

Police clash with demonstrators as huge anti-lockdown protests break out in Germany

Protesters clashed with police in Germany and Croatia on Saturday as new lockdowns were introduced in France, Poland and Ukraine to battle a third wave of coronavirus. Demonstrators took to the streets in the central German city of Kassel and were pictured engaging with lines of riot police.  Several groups, most of them far-right opponents … Read more

Covid US: Anthony Fauci and Rand Paul clash on masks for vaccinated

Angry Dr. Fauci says vaccinated people are still at risk from variants after Sen. Rand Paul accuses him of wearing two masks just for show after having had his shots Paul told Fauci he parades around in masks ‘for show’ ‘You want to get rid of vaccine hesitancy? Tell them they can get rid of … Read more

DOMINIQUE SAMUELS: This clash of the Royals was about culture… NOT colour 

Who can forget the goodwill that gripped this country in the run-up to the wedding of Prince Harry and his bride-to-be? Among BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) Britons like myself, these feelings were all the stronger. Many of my younger friends, who perhaps had had little interest in the Royal Family, were overjoyed to … Read more

Did Harry and Meghan’s Royal racism claims clash over two-hour Oprah chat?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave differing accounts of when a mystery member of the Royal Family raised concerns about how dark their baby’s son skin might be.  The Duchess of Sussex said ‘concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he’s born’ happened ‘in those months when [I] was pregnant’ with Archie.    … Read more

Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in Stockholm

Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters clashed with police in Stockholm on Saturday as they took to the streets in defiance of Sweden‘s coronavirus ban on gatherings. Swedish police dispersed opponents of coronavirus measures that came after the government – which initially took a hands-off approach to Covid-19 rules – tightened restrictions further as cases continue to … Read more

Trump supporters clash ANTIFA at Trump Tower after MAGA fans unfurl a huge flag of Pelosi as demon

Trump supporters clash with ANTIFA outside Trump Tower in Manhattan after MAGA fans unfurled a huge flag of Pelosi as a demon and marched down NYC’s Fifth Avenue President Donald Trump supporters paraded down Fifth Avenue in New York City on Friday afternoon They carried with them massive ‘Trump 2024’ banners which they unfurled in … Read more

Far-left supporters of ‘anarchist’ assassin clash with Greek police

Far-left supporters of ‘anarchist’ assassin who killed a CIA agent and British attache clash with Greek police after he went on hunger strike in prison Dimitris Koufodinas is serving multiple life sentences for several assassinations He has refused food for nearly 50 days after being denied a prison transfer Far-left supporters clashed with Athens police … Read more

Six Nations: France’s clash with Scotland is OFF after Les Bleus record new Covid-19 test

BREAKING NEWS: France’s Six Nations clash with Scotland is OFF after Les Bleus recorded a new Covid-19 positive test… meaning ELEVEN of their playing squad have now been infected in the last week The France squad are in isolation after a positive test was confirmed on Thursday And organisers have decided that the match on Sunday … Read more