Berisha: Rama has no chance of obstructing the investigative commission for “McGonigal”, if he believes this, he provokes destabilization

12:35 17/02/2023 “A prime minister who does not respond to his duty is a terrible parasite” In a media conference, the chief democrat Sali Berisha responded to the statements that Prime Minister Rama gave yesterday evening in the “Opinion” show on TV Klan. To Rama’s statement that “I will go to Parliament when I see … Read more

The arrest of the former FBI official, Berisha: We will set up an Investigative Commission

13:00 24/01/2023 The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, held a press conference this Tuesday where he spoke about Prime Minister Edi Rama’s connections with the arrested former FBI agent, Charles McGonigal. Berisha said that the Democratic Party will demand that a parliamentary investigative commission be established. He said that in this way connections … Read more

DP demands the establishment of an investigative commission for Rama

15:32 21/12/2022 “Verify the Prime Minister’s charter trips, he has spent public money” The Democratic Party submitted to the Assembly the request for the establishment of the Investigative Commission for Edi Rama’s charter trips. The blue headquarters informs that the investigative commission will verify the legality of the expenses of Prime Minister Edi Rama’s plane … Read more

Von der Leyen: The Commission will provide 1 million Euros for the energy of the Western Balkans

15:03 03/11/2022 Von der Leyen stated at the press conference that the commission will provide a significant energy support package for the Western Balkans, 1 billion Euros in grants. This support package will be approved in December and made available in January. “This unprecedented crisis requires unprecedented actions and steps. I am pleased to announce … Read more

The President of the European Commission is visiting Tirana today

08:18 27/10/2022 The President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, will visit Tirana today, to present the European Union’s plan for dealing with the energy crisis. Von Der Leyen will be welcomed to the meeting by Prime Minister Edi Rama and then both will appear at a joint press conference. Von der Leyen … Read more

The Commission for Territorial Reform meets today, what will the opposition propose?

09:35 03/10/2022 This Monday, the Commission for Territorial Administrative Reform is expected to meet where the opposition’s report will be read. In a ‘live’ link for Klan News, journalist Klesiana Omeri has shown what the report is expected to contain. According to the journalist, proposals for territorial division by increasing the number of municipalities are … Read more

Territorial Reform, the mandate of the Commission is postponed

16:03 22/09/2022 Within a few weeks, the socialists have changed their approach regarding the need to change the territorial administrative map. The head of the parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, declared that they would not give consensus to the request of the democrats who are asking the Territorial Reform Commission to increase the number of municipalities … Read more

Race commission chair Tony Sewell defends report after backlash

The chair of the government’s race commission today dismissed ‘ridiculous and offensive’ claims that it downplayed the ‘evil’ of the slave trade. The long-awaited study was branded a ‘whitewash’ yesterday as it concluded there is little evidence of institutional racism in Britain.  Factors such as geography, family influence, socio-economic background, culture and religion were found … Read more